Temecula Travel Diary

I love a girl’s trip. Like, LOVE. There is something so special about jetting off with a few of your favorite ladies, experiencing a new place and just spending time talking about any and everything. That was my week in Temecula. Well, my three days in Temecula. It might have been a short trip but it was exactly what I needed.

If you’re like me and have no idea where Temecula is, it’s an adorable town an hour and a half outside of LA. Sarah was invited to visit this dope rental property out there and I said yes without even knowing where we were going. Come to find out, Temecula is wine country, almost Napa-like, and it was everything a girl could ask for in a quick getaway.

I spent the week with old friends (shoutout to Sarah and Shelby) and made some new ones (Mecca and Maya were seriously hilarious and equally inspiring). We had a blast, relaxed, made some new memories and are already planning our next adventure. Keep reading for a little peek into our trip!

48 Hours in Temecula, California


We stayed at the most beautiful and modern rental property through Avant Stay and I can tell you without a doubt, I have never felt more like a celebrity. This place was stunning in every sense of the word. Gorgeous architecture, modern decor, a pool with epic views and so much more. If you’re ever visiting Temecula or are just looking for a luxury rental property in another destination, I highly recommend checking out Avant Stay. I had never heard of them before this trip but am already making a list of some of their other properties that I need to experience firsthand.


Although we were only here for a few days, we made it a priority to experience as much of what Temecula had to offer.

For our first night, we had a delicious Italian dinner at The Nightingale. Yummy cocktails and some of the best cacio e pepe I’ve ever had. The margherita pizza was so amazing we ordered it twice.

During our only full day, we indulged at two amazing restaurants. The first was for lunch at The Restaurant at Ponte, a beautiful winery. We sat on the patio, ordered a few glasses of wine and started with a pretty awesome cheese board. They had such a great selection from salads and wraps to more indulgent burgers and pizzas. It was the perfect meal.

For dinner that night, we decided to keep things casual and went for Mexican at Espadin. Their margaritas were so SO good and the fajitas were bomb. We had so much fun at dinner and ended with a round of Tequila shots…oh boy.

On our way back to LA we stopped at EAT Marketplace for breakfast. It was the perfect way to grab a quick and healthy bite. I had an acai bowl which was amazing and I would totally go back for lunch.


One of my favorite highlights from the trip was our sunrise hot air balloon ride. Talk about a magical morning. We woke up EARLY af (I’m talking 4:30am) and met the crew from California Dreamin’ for takeoff. We drove through some of the most beautiful scenic views of Temecula before reaching the takeoff point. It was so cool seeing them inflate the balloon (I think that’s what it’s called) and then we all piled in before floating above wine country. Seriously, it was such a breathtaking experience.

When visiting wine country, it was imperative that we at least visited one winery during our trip. We had a pretty epic itinerary planned but ended up spending the majority of our afternoon sipping on wines from Bottaia. The setup was totally IG worthy and the wine was even better.

Have you ever been to Temecula? Comment below!

Photos by Shelby Gordon


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