Baby Got Curves…and Cute Swimsuits

When it comes to summer, the top thing on my shopping list is always swimwear. I feel like I can never have enough. As much as I love getting new pieces, the struggle is always way too real when it’s time to find the right fit for my curvier shape. 

Let’s be real for a second. I am not in the best shape of my life right now. I’m working on it but if I’m being totally candid, my body is just NOT wear I wanted it to be for summer swim situations. Fitness (or lack thereof) aside, I’ve always been a little curvier in the bottom half aka baby got back and hips and thighs. It took me for what seems like forever to finally appreciate the curves rather than wishing for thigh gaps and a smaller booty (solely for the purpose of jean shorts – do you know how HARD it is to find shorts that fit a smaller waist and big butt?? #firstworldproblems)

Anyways, fast forward to my 28 year old self with more confidence and appreciation for the goods my momma gave me. As much as I’m on board with my body type, it doesn’t make it any easier to find swimsuits that I feel 100% comfortable in. Some are just toooo revealing of the buttocks region, some squeeze me a little too tight in the wrong places and some just do not work. Simple as that. If you’re anything like me, this ish can be the most annoying and defeating thing especially when you see tons of cute swimsuits on your more toned/lengthier friends that just won’t flatter your curves.

But I got good news ladies – because first of all, if you embrace confidence no matter what, you will always look sexy AF. And while it’s definitely easier said than done, I’ve found a few styles that’ll help us all get there! And f you don’t have curves, don’t worry because these fits literally work on every shape & size…which is why I find myself adding new swimsuits to my collection every week just because they’re so darn cute. 


This one should come as no surprise. A high waisted bikini can work wonders. Believe me. Not only does it conceal any tummy troubles but I’ve found that high waisted bikini bottoms tend to accentuate (in the right way) my curvier hips/smaller hips combo. Not to mention – high waisted bikinis seem to offer a little more coverage in the derrière region.

I love to mix and match my bikinis and just think it gives the whole look a more modern, fun feel. Even if you’re pieces are basic like this combo above, I think it adds a little flare to what could have been a pretty boring beach look.

I’m obsessed with these high waisted bikinis an may or may not have already added some to my cart – who wants to be twinsies?  


Again, another no brainer. I have this weird obsession with one pieces. To be honest, I wear more of these than any other type of swimsuit and I’m seriously hoping they don’t go out of style anytime soon. Not only are they flattering on literally every body type but they are just so comfortable! And you can totally rock them as a bodysuit with shorts or a cute skirt for brunch (#truelife). 

I think what I love most about one pieces is how many different cuts and styles they come in. Whether they’re strapless, plunging, strappy, ruffled or peplum, there are just so many options to choose from. I personally love an open back of plunging neckline (clearly, see above) and can’t help but feel like a total Baywatch babe whenever I wear a one piece. Check out a few of my favorites below. 


And if you’re wanting to shop a few other fun suits for summer or your next trip, these are a few of my favorite places to shpo for swimwear: 



Last thing guys – I can’t stress it enough. We are all SO different. As much as I tend to compare my own body to those of supermodels, fellow bloggers and even my friends, I’m a firm believer that confidence is the key to looking sexy AF out on the beach or at the pool. Sooooo encourage your fellow babes, curvy or not, and let’s totally kill it this summer! 




  1. 6.8.17

    Love this suit! You look amazing!

  2. 6.8.17
    Shakira said:

    Your curves look perfect in every picture! Such good choices!


  3. 6.9.17

    Woww!! Amazing pictures and outfits!! Love them!
    Mónica Sors

  4. 6.9.17
    Elizabeth Seal said:

    Your photos are so gorgeous, such an ethereal, dream like quality about them and you look so beautiful! Can’t wait to read more from your blog 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

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