How to Style Polka Dots for a Modern Look

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It’s true. I love polka dots. I actually used to hate the print. It felt super childish and way too girly for me. But man have I had a change of heart. Lately, I’ve loved incorporating polka dots into my travel looks, dresses and even my more casual outfits. I’m a firm believer that the print can still be feminine but modern and even lean itself towards a minimalist-friendly look.

Wondering to yourself how you can style the silly print in a more stylish way? Keep reading for a new look that I’m obsessed with along with some of my go-to styling tips.

Tips for Styling Polka Dots 


  • Choose a modern cut: your dress could be yellow with pink polka dots but if you choose a dress with a more modern cut, the polka dots can instantly transform from too girly to fashion week chic. Think midi length dresses, ruffled miniskirts or wide leg jumpsuits.
  • Go with white dots: again, you can choose pretty much any color base but when you have that contrast with a clean, white polka dot, the look just feels a little more classically retro versus too “clown-ish”.
  • Add simple accessories: for spring and summer, I’m all for a straw or woven bag. Try going with something small and beige and then slide into a pair of matching taupe sandals or heels. You could also try a pair of cool white sneakers or mules.
  • Layer it on with chic separates: the best way to elevate your polka dots is with a structured jacket. I love this striped blazer + polka dot dress combination. It feels balanced and super modern. You could also try an oversized denim jacket or an edgier faux leather situation to take your polka dots to the next level.


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Photos by Shelby Gordon 


  1. 4.12.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I love how you styled this polka dot dress for a more sophisticated mature look. I always feel like Minnie Mouse when I wear polka dots lol!


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