A Fan of the Fanny Pack



I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this post. Fanny packs. SERIOUSLY???

When I say I am super late to this trend – I mean it. As in like less than one month. Up until leaving for Italy, I just wasn’t a fan. I thought they were way too retro and hipster and thought that everyone buying those Gucci ones were major D bags (sorry if that was you). BUT, I am a changed woman because now I 100% want one of my own. Because I can’t quite afford a Gucci anything, I am settling for pretty much any type of fanny pack at this point. I sorta love them now.

I bought my first one for Venice because I knew we were going to do a ton of walking and I wanted to be bag/ hands-free. This pink & red color block one stole my heart and I’ve been hooked ever since. What’s not to love. They’re just so darn cute and are the perfect little accessory to hold your phone, keys, chapstick and sunnies. Rock them with a casual look like above. Throw one on with a dress for date night (love the leather and chain-link ones). Wear them to your next music festival with cut offs and a crop top. They just work with everything.

What was I thinking before??? Either way, not I’m in love and I want them all. Are you a fan of the fanny pack? Looking to get your feet wet and give the trend a try…


Photos by Shelby Gordon 


  1. 6.14.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I love the fanny pack and how easy it is. They look so much cuter and stylish today (them 80s and 90s one though). I hope they continue to stick around for a while!


  2. 6.16.18

    Took me forever to get on this trend too but now Im all in!

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