Truth: Striped Dresses Will Always Be In Style

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Let’s be real. Who doesn’t love a striped dress? I’m a firm believer in the fact that striped dresses will truly never go out of style. It’s that one print that just seems to evolve with the trends over time and always maintains it’s relevance. Not to mention, a good vertical stripe is super flattering #amiright.

For me, the versatility of striped dresses is what sells me everytime. When I worked in an office, I could easily wear a striped dress under a blazer for a meeting and then throw on a leather jacket and a bold lip for happy hour. That same dress could also be worn to brunch with a pair of adidas on the weekend. It’s the print that just keeps on giving year over year, season over season.

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Keeping Your Striped Dresses Modern

While the print itself might not change, striped dresses still seem to get some sort of update across the seasons. Take today’s look for example. The deeper plunge, midi cut and bow + button combo makes this perfect for spring and summer. It also feels slightly updated and on trend.

When looking for the perfect striped dress to add to your wardrobe, keep that season’s trends at the top of your mind. Summer tends to add in lighter colors and a thinner stripe. For fall and winter, I find black & white stripes or thicker stripes tend to seem more on point.

I also don’t think that one stripe versus the other is more flattering. It all works ladies. Just fit a fit of the dress that accentuate your best assets the stripes will help regardless.

Keeping your striped dressed modern also has a lot to do with the accessories. If you’re looking to style that one dress in your closet year to year (sometimes it happens!), just change up the accessories. Right now, I’m all about minimalism so I tend to keep my accessories neutral and let the dress speak for itself. Try giving the look an updated touch with a trendy jacket like a chic bomber, oversized denim or structured leather.

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Photos by Shelby GordonĀ 


  1. 4.4.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! That striped dress is gorgeous on you, and the striped print is such a classic look.


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