Staycation with EVEN Hotels

If there’s one thing I’ve missed the most this year it’s traveling. B and I have bonded so much over exploring new places and making memories together. As much as I’ve loved couch surfing with him the past few months, we definitely needed a change of scenery. One of my favorite ways to “getaway” without having to hop on a plane is booking a staycation. Last weekend we checked into EVEN Hotels in Alpharetta for a cozy night’s stay and I’m already checking our calendar for round two. It was that good. 

IHG has plenty of hotel options to get away from it all – or get together with family, too (we’re thinking of booking a staycation with our families over the holidays). They have also implemented the highest standards of cleaning backed by science and industry experts to keep guests and hotel staff safe. There were plenty of distancing reminders throughout the property including blocked off areas so we felt really safe the entire time. 

Our entire experience was honestly everything we needed. The team at EVEN was super friendly and welcoming. The lobby area served as a great space to get some work done before heading out to dinner. The room was spacious and cozy. The bed. Oh man don’t even get me started. We slept for a solid twelve hours straight. 

My absolutely favorite part? The workout equipment in our room! EVEN Hotels was designed and created with wellness at its core to provide guests a seamless transition from their home routine to their on-the-road routine, so they no longer feel like they “fall off the wagon” when they travel. And let me tell ya – that’s important to me and to Brandon especially as we navigate the next few weeks and upcoming holidays. Complete with a spin bike, medicine ball, resistance bands and a yoga mat, our room had everything we needed to get in a quick workout before tackling the day. 

The holidays are a perfect time to gift yourself a vacation or a staycation to rest, relax and recover from the year. This is also a great gift for family and friends. With flexible rates and cancellation windows,you can book the stay that’s right for you. 

This post was written in collaboration with ihg Hotels & Resorts. All thoughts & opinions are my own.