My Dance & Workout Spotify Playlists

I have been getting requests for my Spotify playlists for months and to be honest, have been super lazy getting this post together. I don’t really know why. All I had to do was copy and paste a few links let’s be real, sometimes the easiest tasks are the ones we put off.

Anyways – if you follow me on IG you know how much I love dance music. Like, love. And if you know me IRL then you REALLY know how much I love to move my body to the fats paced beats of dance/EDM. My life pretty much consists of me pretending to be in Ibiza, rocking glitter shorts and jewels on my face.

If you don’t love dance music, I think you’ll still love my go-to playlists for workouts and daily dane parties. I like to mix in pop, R&B, latin/fusion beats and everything in between!

So without further ado, check out a few of my favorite playlists below and make sure you follow me on Spotify – I’m going to work on updating these lists and creating new ones over the next few weeks.

Dance Party Playlist

If you love to dance and groove and shake, this playlist is for you. I usually pull music from this list for my daily dance parties.

Workout Playlist No. 1

This is my go-to playlist for my workouts. My challenge girls no these songs a little too well. I can’t help but keep it on repeat.

Workout Playlist No. 2

This is another fun workout playlist pairing some of my favorite pop, dance, EDM, and latin inspired songs for a sweaty, fun workout. a

Other Spotify Playlists I Love

Energy Booster: Dance

Dance Pop Hits

Beast Mode Dance

You Can Do It

Perreo Workout


  1. 4.29.21
    Rebecca Reyes said:

    Hi Lauren,

    Thank you for sharing your playlists! I know this sounds silly, but sometimes when I workout I feel like I need to right music to even start (hahaha). I added your ‘Perreo Workout’ to my playlist. I love how you have different types of genres to listen too.

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