The Power of Good Jeans

We all want them. We’re constantly on the hunt for them. And let’s be real, they’re a rarity. I’m talkin’, GOOD JEANS.  Is it just me or is it seriously impossible for every brand to just make a good pair of jeans? Either they’re not meant for curves or they’re cut at an awkward length or they are just extremely uncomfortable. Now don’t get me wrong, I own a few pairs that I totally love but getting to that point has been quite the journey. I’ve been on this planet for 28 years and have been shopping for jeans for about thirteen of them (god bless my mom for having the knack for finding awesome jeans in middle school). The majority of those fifteen years were spent wiggling into too-tight or too short or too scratchy denim but I’m proud to say I finally figured out my “good jeans” wishlist and might event say I’m mastered the shopping part, too!

So what’s on my list?
  • Must Be High waisted: when you got curves, a pair of high waisted jeans can be your best friend. The higher waist, the happier I am. I love tucking in my sweaters or tee and adding a chic cropped moto jacket to balance off the look!
  • Must Hit RIGHT Above the Ankle: I’m 5’5, so not too tall or too short. On an average day, I’d wear a “Regular” length in jeans but for the most part, those tend to hit right at my ankle which I don’t love. Unless I’m tucking them into boots, I love for my jeans to right right above my ankle for that cool, cropped look. I’m also a fan of rolling up my pants leg or finding a great pair os distressed hem denim.
  • Must Be a Darker Wash: As much as I love a light blue denim, I’ve come to realize that a darker wash is more flattering for my curvier thighs. A black or midnight blue can appear to be slightly more slimming and that’s a detail I can’t live without.
  • Must Have Distressed Details: Now every pair I wear doesn’t have to be ripped but about 95% of my jeans are distressed in some way. I love the edgier vibes and the whole ripped-knee trend just seems to balance out my look and my vibe.

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Slimming Rebound Jeans in ‘Electric’: c/o Lee Jeans | Sweater: identical here


Some of my favorite places to shop for jeans are Madewell, American Eagle and Lee. They all offer classic styles with trendier details without totally breaking the bank. Shop some of my favorite styles below!

Photos by Shelby Gordon.


  1. 12.14.17
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I agree that finding a good pair of jeans can change your life. I’ve spend a lot of time finding those goldilocks denim and my list is very similar to yours. One thing I will say on mine is they must be tight and not drag or loosen up. I hate when I have loose, drabby jeans at the end of the day.


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