Simple Outfit Ideas That are Anything But Basic

I’ll jump right in. I love basics. I love neutrals. Nothing new, I know. Not only does it make dressing just so much easier when everything sorta just goes together but there’s something so sophisticated and cool about pairing simple pieces for a more elevated look (shoutout to Jessica for encouraging me to elevate my basics).

Before I get to the clothes, let’s start with the base to any good outfit: the perfect neutral shoe. I kid you not, 95% of the shoes in my closet are of the beige variety. For obvious reasons like their versatility to the vain reasons like “these definitely make my legs look longer”, I just love a neutral shoe. I scooped up a few pairs from Aerosoles’ spring collection and fell immediately fell in love.

First up, the pump. I love this suede variety with a chunky block heel and fun peep-toe detail. They’re perfect for everything from the office to a weekend wedding. The shoe feels super retro and elegant so I opted for a ribbed midi skirt in a cool grey sweater material and a striped top. Three simple pieces that when paired together create a super sophisticated look.

Next up, the loafer. I am so happy this is a trend that doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon. This camel leather pair not only fits like a glove but I love the cutout detail, adding a super fun element to the typical loafer. I will always be a fan of the jeans + white button up combo so this look should be no surprise. When you put all three pieces together, it just instantly feels “cooler” and is the perfect outfit for brunch, running errands or a casual lunch with your boo.

My biggest piece of advice when creating a simple look that isn’t straight up basic and boring is to play with textures. Look #1 has that thicker sweater-like material and ribbed combination going on. That paired with the bold stripes and the suede shoes – it’s not flat or bland. Look #2 is a little more simple with denim + a linen blouse but the leather loafer with the perforated detail adds a little bit of texture in an unexpected way.

Photos by Shelby Gordon