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I clearly have a new obsession – reading glasses. And not just any reading glasses, but pair that really stand out which is why I jumped at the chance  to try out Rivet & Sway. An eye wear company focused on providing women with stylish, fun, sexy and beautiful glasses, Rivet & Sway’s goal is to take women from liking to LOVING their relationship with glasses and how they shop for them. And let me tell you, I’m sold.

There are so many choices so it’s only natural that you get to choose 5 pairs, try them on at home and the office (or wherever your cool lives take you) and then order the pair  or pairs you love best!

Check out my top picks below.

Fashionably Lo Rivet and Sway (6 of 6) Fashionably Lo Rivet and Sway (4 of 6)

Fashionably Lo Rivet and Sway (3 of 6) Fashionably Lo Rivet and Sway (2 of 6)

 So I obviously need your help – which ones should I get! I’m kind of leaning towards pairs two and four. Sound off below with your fave!

On the hunt for your own pair of readers/sunnies/prescription glasses? Definitely check out Rivet & Sway and let me know which ones you pick for your top 5.

And make sure you head back over the next few weeks to see which pair I chose!


  1. 5.28.14
    Christina C said:

    I love the blue glasses

  2. 5.28.14
    Nicole said:

    I love the second pair!


  3. 5.28.14
    Danielle said:

    The first ones! The shape is great on you, and the black makes your eyes pop.

  4. 5.28.14

    the teal ones!! love the color with your skin tone 🙂
    Xo, Belen
    Androbel (New giveaway!!)

  5. 5.28.14
    Annika said:

    I like two and four best, but suspect that one might pull ahead with another photo. It’s a tough angle.

  6. 5.28.14

    Loving the denim! Your glasses are really cute too!

  7. 5.28.14
    Danielle said:

    Love their glasses

  8. 5.29.14
    bianca roman said:

    i’m a sucker for anything different and love the blue pair!

  9. 5.30.14
    Kaylee said:

    The pale pink ones are adorable!

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