[recipe] Spodee Wine

I love trying out new cocktail recipes, especially those involving sangria (or really just wine in general) so when Spodee Wine sent me a bottle to try, I could not wait to whip something up. Spodee is not your average wine; it’s fortified with high proof moonshine (!!!), and similar to a spirit, you mix it into cocktails for an extra kick. 

You can check out some of their awesome  recipes here. It was pretty tough to choose which one to try first but I ended up using the Citrus Spritzer as inspiration for my first run.

The How-To: 

1. Rather than the typical lemonade and club soda, I went with a blueberry flavored lemonade and a splash of blueberry infused sparkling water (I used equal parts Spodee and juice since there was only two of us)

2. George loves green apples so I cut up a few slices as a tart garnish

3. Top it all off with a fun straw and you’ve got the perfect summer-ready cocktail!

And y’all – this was seriously so freaking good. I can’t wait to try some of their other recipes and I hear a white-wine version is coming out so stay tuned for more!

Need more Spodee Wine deets? The unique brand was created by Steve Grasse (mastermind behind Hendrick’s Gin, Sailor Jerry Rum, and Art In The Age Organic Spirits). The historically inspired drink goes back to a Depression era hooch that was a deceptively strong, sweet, easy-to drink beverage made from a mix of country wine and whatever else was lying around the farm-fruits, herbs, spices and of course moonshine (my type of cocktail!) 

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  1. 4.15.14

    You are the second person I’ve seen blog about this brand and I’m convinced it’s now a must try. I mean, I was sold on the super cute bottles, but this sangria recipe pushed it over the edge. Now…. to find out if they distribute in Maryland!

  2. 5.25.14
    Melissa S said:

    I love sangria in the summer. I will have to see if I can find Spodee locally.

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