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Spoiler Alert: today’s post is definitely on the more personal side.

Last week, I shared a few peeks into a special project I was working on with Sarah of OWN Budoir Photography. You might be asking yourself what kind of project could Lauren be working on that involves the word budoir – I know, so risque right? While I obviously can’t show you everything we did together that afternoon, I definitely wanted to share a little more of what was probably one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

I reached out to Sarah with a small request – a special birthday present for G that would be something unlike any other gift I’ve ever given in the past. Something personal and something fun and something that he definitely wouldn’t forget. I had no idea the effect this whole experience would have on me, like, No.Clue.At.All.

After spending a few hours with Sarah in her studio and playing dress up in some of the prettiest clothes (ever), I think it’s fair to say that I have never felt more beautiful both inside and out. Not only do I owe a huge thank thank you to Mikki for the perfect glam (& super sexy) makeup, but Sarah was seriously one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. Regardless of the look or shot we were going for, I quickly began to realize that as I let some of the walls down and let my inhibitions go, I was having a blast and feeling truly empowered which, lets be honest, is a pretty awesome combo.

What I love about Budoir is the definition of ‘sexy’ or ‘beautiful’ is totally up to the person. Whether you want to snap a few gorgeous headshots or really take it there for someone special (or both!), there are so many options. I went into this with the notion that I would have a great gift but left with so much more. As women, we have to deal with a ton of unrealistic and really annoying beauty + body standards and in the end, we get really hard on ourselves. Taking the time to do something where I had the chance to celebrate and appreciate my body and the qualities that make me feel good…one of the best feelings by far and I have Sarah to thank for that. After a few sips of champagne and lots of fun conversations and anecdotes, I fell in love with a part of myself that I never really was in touch with before. And the best part, I now have something truly amazing to give to the person I love (and maybe a treat or two for my inner goddess!)


Because I am now obsessed with all things elegant, feminine and sexy, I decide to share a few other pretty lingerie and sleepwear I have my eye on at the moment. Whether you’re looking for something for a romantic getaway or just like to lounge around your apartment feeling like a 20’s Hollywood move star, there is a little something for everyone.



So hopefully you’re feeling a little inspired! If you live in Atlanta – heck, even if you don’t – and are looking for something a little special this holiday season, definitely make sure you reach out to Sarah at OWN Budoir. I promise you, you won’t regret it.


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    mai tran said:

    Lace Corset Bra in mint from forever21 is gorgeous!

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