One Last Summer Look…


Can I just tell you guys something? I ran out of steam writing this post.

I had all of these big plans to do a major round up of my favorite budget-friendly online retailers complete with size guides, favorite items, sales and more. And then I sat down to write and just couldn’t execute my vision. I’m burned out. I spent the weekend unpacking, assembling furniture, cleaning, more unpacking. We don’t have a bed so we’re on an air mattress and we don’t have a sofa so we watch TV on the floor. We don’t have a stove or washer/dryer either. So life has just been a bit much.

So, while today’s post will not be the shopping guide of your dreams, I still have some good news. Well, two things. These wide leg trousers are still available and will be your new best friend as we ease into fall. AND, the shopping guide will go live next week. I’m gonna get it done ladies. I started working on it yesterday and plan to hit publish early next week. So, if there’s anything you wanna know about y favorite brands or a brand you live in particular, make sure you comment below!

Now, for today’s look. It was about 90 something degrees when Shelby and I shot this day. It was hot AF and humid and I was disgusting. But I have to say, the look is adorbs. You can’t go wrong with a crop top and wide leg pants. This is literally my favorite duo. I rocked it all summer long and plan on wearing it into fall too so get ready!


Photos by Shelby Gordon 


  1. 9.12.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post and outfit! I love the wide legs and denim jacket. I personally get you about being burned out, and sometimes you have to give yourself a break.


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