My Workout Routine

Last week I shared a peek into my morning routine. One of the greatest things I’ve learned since starting my fitness journey is the importance of a routine. I’m super Type A so having a set schedule or list helps me stay on track, ensure my days are effective and productive and also helps me keep track of and continue to make progress. I get so many questions from you guys on Instagram about my workout playlists, pre-workout, motivation tips, etc. so I thought I’d share my workout routine. Now, I’m talking about my actual exercises – those change daily/weekly and I plan to share a bit more of that here over the next few weeks. When I refer to my workout routine I’m referencing the things I do to prep for a workout and get through a workout successfully – and I warn you, a few of these might surprise you.

My Workout Routine


Write out my workout. Whether I’m following a plan with my trainer or free-styling my workout, I write out each exercise set with the associated reps and weight in my Notes app before I even get to the gym.

Having a clear outline of what I want to accomplish at the gym helps me stay focused and avoid that wasted time of trying to figure out what I want to do. I love looking through Instagram and favoriting new workout ideas. Some of my favorite accounts to follow are @sumeet_sahni, @hannaoeberg, @ainsley and @alexia_clark.


20 minutes prior to my workout, I take one scoop of a preworkout supplement. If you’re not familiar with a preworkout, they’re typically used to aid in boosting energy throughout a workout, burn stubborn fat cells, speed up your metabolism, etc. I personally find that I have more energy and feel a little bit of a jolt to power through tougher workout days. I’m currently using Oxyshred and am obsessed with the Kiwi Strawberry and Grapefruit flavors. I can’t stress enough the importance of doing your research and consulting with your doctor or a nutritionist before starting on a preworkout. Everyone’s bodies can respond differently and you want to make sure you’re being safe.


So fun fact, I don’t have a workout playlist or listen to music while I workout. I know, it’s weird. Instead, I actually love to “listen” to episodes of Friends or The Office. Really any comedy. It helps me tune out the noise around me without getting too distracted. I also feel like it helps me power through workouts without checking to see how much time I have left. It’s super weird but I just really love getting in a good laugh in between sets. Now, when I’m doing cardio, I usually switch over to a dance/EDM channel on Spotify or Apple Music to help me get through sprints. I dare you to try an epidode of The Office during your next upper body day and see if it makes your workout more fun.


I have a strict cancellation policy for workout days. Real talk, this might just be the most important part of my routine. Similar to booking classes, I schedule my gym workouts in my calendar to help me stay on track. If I cancel a gym day for whatever reason within 12 hours, I transfer $20 to my savings account. Believe it or not, this totally helps with the whole “ugh, I’ll go later tonight or I’ll skip today and double up tomorrow” mentality. I am all about rest days but when I’m trying to really challenge myself and stick to a routine, this little method has helped. And if I do decided to give myself a break, at least I’m fueling my savings!

Photos by Shelby Gordon.


  1. 2.11.19
    Jessica Camerata said:

    I NEVER thought to listen to The Office. HA! I usually do music of Podcasts. I find that they definitely distract much better than just music sometimes. But I can’t ALWAYS do it. Gotta mix it up.

    And love the idea of paying yourself when you miss a class.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. 2.11.19
    Maryann said:

    Oh I love be idea of paying yourself for canceling! I love listening to Podcasts during the workout – helps in keeping me focused.

  3. 2.11.19
    Kerice said:

    I like point 4

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