My Pregnancy Must Haves

As a first time mom, you could say I tried a LOT of things throughout my pregnancy. When it came to pregnancy essentials, there was a lot of googling, a lot of TikTok research and a lot of talking to friends and family. Some things I loved. Some things were a bust.

I know how challenging it can be to navigate this first time mom thing so I thought I’d round up my personal pregnancy must haves. Everything from preggo safe skincare products, the books I found the most helpful, bump friendly clothing and more. Now, don’t get me wrong – you might try some of these things and absolutely hate them. Or you might love them. But, I wanted to give my top TOP faves because I have a feeling at least some of these are cult favorites for a reason.

So, let’s dive in.

My First Time Mom Pregnancy Must Haves


Brandon got me this body pillow the week I found out I was pregnant and it has been a favorite ever since. Not only is it the perfect level of firm and comfortable but it has a detachable side that makes it really easy to find different configurations that work best for you. For the first few months, I zipped off the smaller “arm” and slept with that beneath my lower belly (I’m a tummy sleeper) or between my legs. As my bump got bigger, I started using the full pillow to support sleeping on my side. I like to go back and forth and even use this to prop myself up for movie nights. It’s legit the comfiest pillow ever and plan on using even after pregnancy!


I’m going to start out by saying this – stretch marks are BEAUTIFUL. And they’re also genetic. Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself developing marks throughout your pregnancy. Our bodies are stretching and growing by the day – it’s normal and it’s beautiful so embrace it!

However, it’s also so important to take care of your skin. I’ve definitely noticed mine has been pretty dry during pregnancy so I love using the Hatch Belly Oil on my bump morning and night. I also apply to my boobs, thighs, back and booty. I personally have only developed a few stretch marks on my upper thighs – and honestly, i love them. They look like lightning. But, I do think the consistent use of the oil has helped to keep my skin moisturized and keep the marks to a minimum.


In addition to my Hatch belly oil, when it comes to skincare, I definitely needed to overhaul my routine to make sure I was avoiding the harsher chemicals and ingredients in some of my other products. According to my doctor, the biggest ingredient you want to avoid is salicylic acid – which is in a lot of skincare, especially those targeting acne. I swapped out some of my old favorites for a gentle Cetaphil cleanser, Aveeno moisturizers, goop SPF and Mario Madescu toner.


I feel like I need to preface this one with the fact that I do NOT like wearing bras. I never have. I’ve always had a smaller chest so I’ve never really needed to wear a bra. When I got pregnant, and my boobs started to get bigger – a lot bigger – I was struggling to find bras that felt comfortable. And even then I was still only wearing them to keep my nips concealed. I usually wear a bralette because I wear a lot of loungewear (see below) but when I do wear a dress or a cute tank top, these nipple covers are my goo-to. I literally buy them in bulk and love them for all seasons, but especially spring and summer.

I get both the small and the large ones. The small ones are more of a true nipple cover and the large ones cover my entire boob – I like both!


When I tell you I’ve been living in this short set from Amazon for months – I’m not lying. Not only does it come in so many colors but it stretches SO well with the bump. I ordered a size Large which is a size up for me and it’s so good. I know the shorts will continue to stretch with my bump and they’ll be perfect postpartum.

I wear the set alone around the house or use the separates to pair with workout looks. I love layering on a denim jacket or white button-up for running errands or grabbing a casual brunch. So many good color options and different ways to wear.


When it comes to dressing the bump, I’ve been LIVING in loungewear and activewear. Lots of leggings, sweatpants, cute pajamas, etc. I’ve also been focusing on buying non-maternity pieces so I can continue wearing them into my postpartum journey. These are a few favorites.


I gotta say, this bralette is a true favorite. I have it in almost every color and truly love it. I sized up to a Large and love that it’s going to be a good option for nursing/pumping. It’s super soft, stretchy and just feels like the perfect amount of support for the tatas.


This book was recommended to me by almost every momma I know – and now I know why. The author takes a super REAL approach to pregnancy and some of the more popular concerns and challenges pregnant women face. I love her perspective on things like skincare and deli meat and other choices you’ll make while pregnant – and my doctor even agrees with a lot of her points which was great for my peace of mind.

It’s definitely a good read for the first trimester as you’re starting to navigate the changes your body will go through and all of the decisions you’ll make. A must read for sure.


These are some of the other books I’ve loved for all things pregnancy and newborn life.