My Intention for 2019

Okay. Before you say it, I realize that sharing my intention for 2019 in the middle of February might feel a little delayed. But it’s for good reason. I don’t typically set New Years resolutions. I set goals for my business and for my personal life and usually make a list of things I want to do but for the first time, I decided that for 2019 I wanted to set an intention. Something that would drive all of my decisions and all of my goals for the year.

This is the vibe I want to create for the year ahead. A change I want to make, slowly, that will hopefully lead to a shifted mindset for all aspect of my life. From my blog and business to my relationships to my health and everything in between. I spent a lot of time thinking about this intention would be. I didn’t wake up on January 1st with this revelation. It took me a while to get here which is why I waited until today to share. I’m so excited to challenge myself to live by this principle this year and see where it takes me. So without further ado, my intention for 2019…

be more present

pres·ent1 (/ˈprez(ə)nt/), adjective: in a particular place, existing or occurring now.

To be more present. Sounds so simple at its core but I feel like this is going to be such a challenge for me (in all of the best ways possible). I’m embarrassed to admit that I am the worst at just being in the moment.

When I travel, I can’t help but be in a constant stage of “content creation”. I look at every piece of scenery and delicious cocktail as something I want to capture and share. I feel inspired by new surroundings and I always want to pass along that inspiration and storytelling. Now, for my job, it’s necessary. Sometimes. But outside of my job, it has totally hindered my ability to just enjoy the experience without taking pictures or video first. It ruins the experience for those around me and adds all of this extra stress and pressure for no reason.

While the traveling piece is annoying, this stage of constantly being connected to my phone has 100% gotten in the way of my connections with other people. The worst part, I don’t even do it intentionally. I find myself talking to a friend while also multitasking on my phone. Checking email, analyzing Instagram engagement, responding to a new client inquiry. It’s horrible. I can’t even imagine what the people around me are thinking or feeling – and for whatever reason, as aware of it as I am, I never seemed to be able to just put my phone down and give my undivided intention. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in this other person or the conversation. I can’t really explain it – but I felt this need to constantly check in with the things happening outside of the conversation.

That is all about to change. This new intention of mine is all about existing in the moment, putting the phone down and just being more present in all aspects of my life.

Two Big Changes to Get Me Started.

one. when I travel, I’m going to start carving out content time. Not sure why I haven’t done this before but it’s happening. B and I are going to Morocco and Egypt next month for my birthday and although I know I am going to be feel so inspired by this adventure, I don’t want to get wrapped up in taking pictures and miss out on making actual memories. So, I’m going to attempt to carve out a few days on the trip where I’m “allowed” to bring my camera and then other days, I’m going to leave it behind. If we find something fun, I’ll grab a snap on my phone but that’s it.

two. it’s time to start using the do not disturb feature. In addition to making plans with at least one friend every week, I’m going to start putting my phone on do not disturb for the duration of our dinner/lunch/wine night. No more looking at my emails or responding to a text or checking Instagram. The phone is going in my bag and I’m turning my attention all the way up. I don’t have kids. There are no emergencies connected to my job. There’s no reason I should be glued to my phone.

Does anyone else struggle with being more present? Do you have it totally nailed down? Please share your tips and tricks below!!!

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Photos by Shelby Gordon.