My First Facial


Last week I shared my ridic lack of a skin care routine – like I don’t have one at all. I also shared that I was heading to my first ever facial on Wednesday and seriously could not wait! Well you guys, it was everything I could have dreamed of and more.

For a quick refresher, I’m teaming up with COSMEDIX to walk you guys through my skincare journey and they hooked a girl up at Sweet Life Skin Care in Roswell. I met up with Priya – heyyyy girl – and she dropped some major keys about skin care before we dove into learning about my skin. To no surprise at all, my skin was pretty dehydrated but it was pretty cool to learn that different areas of the skin have different level of hydration – mind blown. Word to the wise, drink more water. Like, way more. 

After the hydration test, I got to stick my head in this amazing machine. I can’t remember for the life of me what it was called but it looked like a photo booth with a major blacklight on the inside. It basically shows all of the stuff under the top layer of skin like freckles, sun damage, oil overload and more. It was the coolest thing EVER. I highly recommend you get this done if you haven’t already – such an eye opener to all of the damage or problem areas you might not get to see just by looking in the mirror. I had pretty good results, a little sun damage on my nose and cheeks but nothing Priya couldn’t help remedy! 

We moved on to the facial which was equal parts heavenly and educational. Priya, who is by the way my new favorite person, used all COSMEDIX products throughout the facial. As she walked me through the different steps, she shared so much about why the skin behaves the way it does, why it reacts to certain things, why facials are suchhhh a help to the skin, etc. I feel like I learned so much and am way better prepared to take care of my skin. And, way more excited. I mean hello, she basically wrote me the ultimate product prescription with COSMEDIX goodies and I can’t wait to share my new routine with you guys next week! 

For all of my Atlanta/GA peeps, please RUN and go visit Priya. She will change your life. And no matter where you live, you have got to check out some of these COSMEDIX products to get your skin on track. I’ll be sharing more details on my fave goodies next week – so stay tuned! 

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