is an Atlanta based fashion & lifestyle blog by editor & creator Lauren Price. Inspiring the everyday woman through curated fashion, travel , home and beauty stories, is the ultimate guides to achieving attainable style in all realms of life.

My goal with creating was simple: To share the ever-evolving style landscape and trends with women while also maintaining a totally candid approach to all things fashion & lifestyle. In short – to share the things that inspire me on a day to day. readers can expect the real-life journey of one twenty-something girl sharing her personal style (& it’s evolution), planning adventures abroad, whipping up a cocktail, playing hostess and navigating all things beauty & skincare.

I started (formerly Fashionably Lo) in December 2012 as a creative outlet for sharing my personal style + fashion inspiration with women everywhere. Since it’s start, has expanded into lifestyle content covering topics such as outfit posts + beauty tutorials, recipes + how decor inspirations and travel resources for the wanderlust. In addition to my own little corner of the web, I am the co-founder of Adorn Media Group providing band consulting + digital marketing solutions to both brands and influencers alike.

I love lattes, boozy brunch dates, oversized sweatshirts, slouchy sweatpants (noticing a trend?), binge watching new shoes on Netflix and pretty much any type of sweet treat.

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Whether you’re new to or you’ve been a loyal fan since the start, here are a few of the questions I get the most. Still curious or have another question about the blog, my journey/style, etc. shoot me an email

Why did you decide to start

I really wish I could give some magical, go chase your dreams answer. But that just isn’t the case. Up until about 2 weeks before starting (more on the change below!), I didn’t even know what a blog was. Somewhere in the fall of 2014, my coworkers and friends kept begging me to start a blog so they could figure out where to buy the things I would wear. I was a huge fan of the mirror selfie – always posting on the gram – and loved to be the one slightly overdressed at pretty much any event. I remember being on Pinterest and seeing a photo of this blonde girl in an orange peplum skirt and thinking, “I want that skirt. Where do I get it? I need it in my closet asap”. After clicking through I realized I was obsessing over Blair from Atlantic Pacific. And so was my first introduction to what a blog was and most importantly, what a blog did. In short, I realized that a blog inspires an audience’s closet. It inspires them to make purchasing decisions. And probably my favorite takeaway: a blog and the lifestyle shared by said blogger can be aspirational in all the right ways if done properly. I wanted that. So, the next weekend I bought a domain, created a Blogger account and was up and running with a logo I made in powerpoint. (catch the first post here!)

 I started by sharing my typical ootd – I worked in corporate america at the time – and it has been such an awesome ride ever since. I slowly started to introduce beauty + home content and more recently started doing more travel + careers + personal which has been a fun/vulnerable effort…but a much needed change for the blog. I can’t wait to keep creating content for you guys and seeing what the future has in store for my little corner of the web!

Why the name change from Fashionably Lo?

As you probably saw above, I started my blog under My nickname with family & friends has been LoLo or Lo for as long as I can Remember (like even before Laguna Beach). I loved fashion. So — Fashionably Lo it was. I always thought that the name seemed a little amateur but loved the play on words (I tend to focus on more affordable, LOw cost items). After the evolution over the past almost five years, I started resending the name more and more. I wasn’t just fashion and I wanted to make a change to something that seemed more all encompassing of what I wanted to share with my readers. ME. Who knows what the future holds but I plan to eventually share more travel, lifestyle and maybe even family content in the future so it seemed like a natural fit to rebrand to (my first and middle name).

What kind of camera you use? 

I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a 50 1.8 lens. I also have a Sony a5000 that I use for travel videos and on the go photos.

What tips do you have for someone wanting to start a blog? 

Do your research. Blogging isn’t just about getting free clothes and getting to go on cool press trips. It is a business. Or it can be if you put in the work. What started as a hobby for me quickly shifted into a brand that I was fully responsible for and I realized early on that I needed to treat it like a business. Before setting up your blog, make sure you identify your goals and your intention. Why do you want to start a blog? How ill your audience be? What will make your blog and your perspective different? Have all of these questions answered along with a firm brand identity in min before you start ordering domains and paying a developer. Believe me – #lessonlearned. Once you have this figure out, starting a blog and running a blog will be much easier and more fruitful in the long run

There are tons of communities out there to help you get started (Adorn offers blogger consulting and I love being a member of The Blog Societies for more resources and community)

What is your size info?

One of the questions I get the most is around the sizes I tend to order/buy in clothing. Let’s be real – I got some curves which I finally can appreciate. I typically wear a Medium and am a size 6/8 in dresses, skirts, pants, rompers and wear a Medium or Size 4 in shirts and jackets.

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