Aloha: Welcome, Love, Affection

In case you haven’t been on the blog in a while, I’m dedicating all of my Maui posts to a word I learned on our trip. A word I was inspired by. A word that meant more than one thing. A word that would influence the way I approached life a little differently. And today, that word is Aloha.

Okay. So we all know that Aloha means hello. Right? It’s a greeting that, no matter where you’re from, you know what it means, During our time in Maui, I came to learn that the word carries so much more meaning and I it’s a word that I feel deserved it’s very own post.

Aloha: welcome, love, affection

This word, a word that just might be the most commonly used phrase in Hawaii, left quite the impact on me. A word that can translate from a welcome to describing the way you feel about someone to expressing how you go about feeling that way. It’s a special one and I don’t think many people realize the multiple meanings. Or at least I didn’t.

But it makes sense I guess. When you greet someone and give them a cheery “Aloha!”, you’re welcoming them into your moment, your bubble, etc. when you type it at the start of an email, you’re welcoming them into conversation whether it be professional or lighthearted. The fact that the word also expresses love and affection…how cool? But to me, that’s indicative of the Hawaiian people. Hello isn’t just hello. It’s a welcome, and a hug and love and the way you show it.

To be honest, it makes me want to express my love more. Not just for my family or Brandon. I’ve never really been much of an affectionate person. My friends used to tease that I seriously hated hugs. Even now, unless I haven’t seen you in a longgggg time, I won’t hug you. It just always seemed strange to me. Why hug when I saw you yesterday or talk to you every day? It felt like more of an intimate greeting. Now, after spending some time around the people and culture of Hawaii, I feel a little more open to showing that affection to friends and acquaintances. There’s something warm about just welcoming someone into your space for a greeting or to say goodbye. Maybe I’ll start with a halfway hug…gotta start somewhere though!

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Fun Fact:

If you wear a flower behind your left ear, it means you are married, taken, have a significant other, or maybe you just don’t want anyone bothering you! If you wear a flower behind your right ear, it means you are single, available, and approachable.


I had no idea there was a meaning behind the flower and for whatever reason, we were so excited to learn about this. I, of course, wore my flower on the left side (not for photos – had to get the light people) since I am technically taken. I’m not gonna lie though, I really wanted to see if wearing it on the right would get me any special attention!





Photos by Luna Kai Photography


  1. 3.7.18
    Tabitha said:

    All these photos are beautiful and I love your take on aloha. Hellos really are a a beautiful thing, and I studied that in many latin countries they often greet each other with a side kiss if they are familiar with the person. I wonder if that flower trick would work here in America lol?!


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