How to Keep Your Workouts Interesting

Okay let’s be real. It’s very easy to get bored with your workouts. It’s hard enough as it is to find the motivation to move your body consistently, no matter what phase of your journey you’re in. It’s even more difficult to keep things interesting.

As creatures of habits, we tend to do the same workout challenge or series of workouts on our favorite platform and then ultimately get bored, lose motivation to get in workout or give up working out all together. Believe me, you’re not alone.

The good news? I’ve got a few tips for keeping things interesting and boosting motivation to start moving again.

Tips for Keeping Your Workouts Interesting

No. 1 Try New Workouts

This one might seem like a no brainer but it’s SO easy to get stuck in a rut doing workouts you’ve grown to love or feel comfortable doing. For example, I love my Peloton rides but if I was to only do a spin class 3-5 times/week, I know I would eventually get bored. Trying mixing in 1-2 different types of workouts each week (i.e. two strength training workouts and three cardio workouts or two pilates/yoga workouts, two strength training workouts and one HIIT workout).

Same goes for the workouts themselves! If you love a specific platform or app, it’s totally fine to stick with that especially if you’re paying a subscription. But, try not to get stuck doing the SAME workouts. Challenge yourself to trying a new workout format at least once every few weeks. If you love pilates and walks around the neighborhood, try adding in 1-2 weight lifting workouts each month to mix things up. If weight lifting is already your jam, give a cardio dance or kickboxing class a try.

The important thing is to have fun, challenge yourself to try something new and give your body a chance to learn new skills, regardless of what your goals are.

No. 2 New Music AND New Gear

Pro tip – don’t get bored with the same two Spotify playlists. Nothing is more annoying than skipping to the next song over and over and just not feeling the vibe. Take a little time every few weeks to search for new songs or new playlists to sweat to. I like to ask friends (IRL and social media friends) what songs they like to work out to for a good mix of tunes. Spotify and Apple Music also both have great revolving workout playlists for all types of genres of music and workout formats – and then update them often with new songs.

And we all know that new gear can motivate a burst in, well, motivation. Whether it’s new workout clothes or updated at-home workout equipment, consider treating yourself to a few presents every few months to celebrate your commitment to your health. I also like switching up where I workout! If you have the flexibility, try getting in a workout outdoors every now and then, hitting up a gym (some gyms offer a free day or week pass for a trial or join a friend at their gym), trying a new studio or creating a few spaces in your home for your workout. A change of scenery can do the body good!

No. 3 Challenge Yourself When Needed

Everyone progresses at a different pace which is totally okay and something to be celebrated. Whether you’ve been working out for one week or one year, it’s so important to take constant check-ins with yourself to see how you’re feeling. Are your workouts really easy? Not feeling as challenged as you were the week before? It’s most likely time to level up. Try adding in an extra set or increase the reps of your strength straining workout. For an added challenge to your HIIT workouts, add ankle or wrist weights. For cardio, consider upping the duration or intensity (incline for example) every few weeks.

I like to aim for some sort of increase in challenge (weight used, duration, sets/reps, etc.) every 3-4 weeks.