Happy Birthday GroupDealz!

For all of my girls out there who love a good deal, I have something extremely awesome to share with you today! GroupDealz.com is a daily deal site that sells boutique jewelry, clothing and home decor — let me tell you this, I am obsessed. Even better, today is their 3rd birthday! And in honor of their anniversary this year, Group Dealz is offering a ton of fun giveaways and pop-up deals throughout the week (I’m hearing there will be some MAJOR discounts).

Yes, you saw the word “giveaway” and now you want to know what exactly is in store 🙂

All you have to do is follow the link below!
In addition to the amazing prizes above, you can purchase the following items through some great deals starting today —

So make sure you head over to the Group Dealz site to check out all of the amazing deals and items up for grabs! And, don’t forget to tweet out a special Happy Birthday when you get a chance 🙂
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