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So today’s post is a pretty exciting one. I’ve done a few beauty tutorials for you guys in the past but this is my first ever hair tutorial! I am by no means a hair expert. In fact, I am probably the exact opposite. Thankfully, I had the help of Garnier Fructis’ Texture Tease Spray from the new Deconstructed line.

My go to look a rushed morning is a simple updo/top knot combo so I couldn’t wait to use this teasing spray to take the look up a notch. Get my lool by following these easy steps (like, super easy). 

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[Step 1: Wrap large sections of hair around a 1″ wand or curling iron. There is no science to this part as this step is more about creating texture for the updo. The waves/curls don’t have to be pretty. We’re just adding a little bend and shape to the hair so we can tease it later.]

Step 1 Garnier Texture Tease

[Step 2: After curling each section, mist the Texture Tease Spray throughout your hair. I sprayed a few sections in the front and then flipped my hair over and sprayed underneath. This part is important since you’ll be teasing and combing over for the updo. After you’ve sprayed your hair, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch]

Step 2 Garnier Texture Tease

[Step 3: Now that you have a crazy mane, comb the front pieces back. Use the comb more as brush across the surface. Don’t get to the root as you don’t want to comb through the teasing. You really just want to smooth back the front pieces. Next, just start pinning your back from the sides to the back. Again, no science here. I just twist a section and then secure it with a bobby pin.]

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[Step 4: Take one final glance over using a small mirror to check the back and make sure the front and sides are smoothed down. And then you’re done!]

Step 4 Garnier Texture Tease

Garnier has a pretty fun sweepstakes going on right now. All you have to do is pin your favorite look below and you could win $500.

Good luck!! 


Learn it, Do it, Rock it with Garnier Fructis Style.

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