Five Things I Invested in for Fitness


I wasn’t lying to you guys when I said you could expect quite a few pieces of fitness content over the next few weeks. As I slowly try to get myself to a healthier version of Lauren, I’m finding that the more I share my journey with you, the more accountable I feel to succeed. And let’s be real, I’m starting to see a few changes which gets me even more excited to share the content that will hopefully continue to keep us all a little more inspired or motivated.

One of the things that I noticed as I started getting into a better workout routine is the lack of tools I actually had. Now, don’t get me wrong. You don’t need access to a state of the art gym, expensive AF headphones or a celebrity worthy personal trainer. However, I also know that for ME, investing in a few things to help me stay on track of my goals was important. When I spend a good amount of money on something that I typically wouldn’t, I feel a little more committed to seeing it through, taking care of it, etc.


Like most things in life, the more you put into your goals and dreams, the more likely you are to totally crush them! This means time, effort and sometimes dolla bills. There are a few things that I dished out a few big bucks for over the past month that have made a huge difference in the way I approach fitness & health and while I am NOT saying you need all of these things, I thought I’d break down why I invested in these higher priced items and why you might want to consider adding at least one of them to your fitness routine if you haven’t already.

  1. Apple Watch: I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t use this little piece of arm candy for even half of the things it can do. For the most part, I just use it to reply to text messages, check emails on the fly and keep track of my workouts: how much time I spend exercising each day/week, calories burned, my heart rate, etc. Obviously, you do not need an Apple Watch to do this. My point though is that investing in some sort of wearable fitness tracker can really help you stay on track of how much you’re accomplishing in a workout. I use the Activity app on my phone to see just how much I’ve done for the week and then use those numbers to set goals for future workouts. You can also keep up with friends and setup little challenges to see who will crush it this week and the next.
  2. Wireless Headphones: I mean, this one is a little obvious. Who wants to be wrapped up in cords while you’re getting super sweaty at the gym? Not me. I initially had a pair of wireless earbuds that were pink and super cute. But my ears were just not meant to keep those little things secure. They would always fall out when I got sweaty (which was every time I worked out). So, I bit the bullet and got myself a pair of Beats wireless over the ear headphones and haven’t looked back. These are perfect for tuning out the white noise at the gym and they don’t slide off no matter how sweaty you get. The only downside – and this is sorta gross – is I haven’t quite figure out how to clean the leather/soft ear covers which can get a little wet after a workout. But all in all I’m so happy I got these! They are strictly for gym/workout use only and I have another pair of headphone I use for traveling because no one wants to wear sweaty headphones on the place.
  3. ClassPass: I was actually not a fan of ClassPass when I first started using it. I thought there were way too many restrictions on visiting the studios I loved but I think they’ve finally worked out the kinks and created a user experience I can actually appreciate. I pay $100/month for 70 credits but they offer different price ranges for different credit packages. With 70 credits, I can typically do 2-3 classes a week and work that into my gym routine. I tend to stick to Flywheel (spin) and pilates as those are two classes I can’t really do at my gym but they have SO many other options for those looking to try other types of workouts, new studios, etc. I also love that I can join my friends who use ClassPass at the classes and studios we love without having to pay hundreds of dollars at those boutique studios each month. (Click here to get $40 when you join!)
  4. Quality Workout Wear: I’ve talked a lot, like most girls, about how new workout clothes keep me motivated. I even did a post on affordable + chic AF gear that you should totally buy for your next workout. BUT, every now and then I think it’s important to invest in high quality and sometimes slightly more expensive pieces that will last longer. I used to be terrified to spend $100 on a pair of leggings but after becoming obsessed with my Lululemon pairs, I won’t go back. They are worth the splurge and are so flattering, comfortable, water resistant…all the things. I’m not saying your whole closet needs to be full of designer/expensive wellness brands but I definitely suggest investing in a few things that can carry over for more than two washes.
  5. Health Coach: I am currently in week four of a fully customized 8-week plan by my girl Sumeet and I’ve already noticed huge results. As of today (3 weeks completed), I’m 7 pounds & 3 inches down. I feel stronger. I have a better relationship with the right types of food. I actually enjoy working out. And I still have a whole month left to go. This was the most expensive thing I invested in and I can already promise you it was worth it for me. I struggled for years with staying motivated and holding myself accountable. I would go to the gym, eat better and then slack off after a week. After finding Sumeet through another friend, I made the decision that forking of the cash was worth it to have a virtual health coach. She created a custom meal plan & workouts based on MY goals. We do check-ins and she offers so much guidance along the way. For me, the handholding is super helpful and I think it’s setting me up for so much more success. I’m even considering hiring for another 8 week plan once we get in the final results to push myself even harder!

So, again, you do not need any of the above to crush your fitness goals. But, for me, I made the decisions to invest a little bit differently so that I could be as successful as possible. It meant cutting down on other things I would typically spend my money on like going out with friends, smaller trips, clothes, etc. But so far, it’s been worth it. I think finding a good balance is always key and if you’re going to spend your money, why not try just one thing to kick your health up a notch?

If you have any questions on any of the items listed above, drop a comment below or shoot me an email!


Photos by Shelby Gordon


  1. 6.26.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post and tips! While I don’t use any of these items, I can see the benefits of each product, especially cute workout clothes. I hope you post about the type of exercises you do!


  2. 6.26.18
    Davida said:

    Love this list! I’m finally taking my health and wellness serious and appreciate following your stories! Every time i see you’ve completed a workout, it motivates me to go too! 🙂

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