A How To for Effortless Style

When it comes to my style, it’s safe to say it has evolved a lot. Like, a lot. I’ve gone through a super colorful and endless patterns phase. I’ve been the chic 9-5 girl. I’ve also gone the uber casual, jeans everyday route. The latest is all about that effortless and minimal look and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

I like to think I’ve mastered that I don’t give a F feel while still looking put together. I’m all for a simple and modern outfit that can be equal parts comfy and versatile so I decided to round up a few of my effortless style tips to make that effortless dressing that much easier.

tip no. 1:

You can’t go wrong with neutrals. Keeping your pieces in a neutral color palette is the easiest way to keep things simple and effortless. Not only do all greys, beiges, whites and blacks just go together but they go with everything so you can add in fun accessories and textures without worrying if it all matches. Effortless – done.

tip no. 2:

Layering is key. Whether it’s a structured blazer and tank or an oversized jean jacket and t shirt, one of my go to effortless style tips is to layer like nobody’s business. One of my go to pieces to layer is a blazer a la today’s look. I layered this red blazer over a lace bralette and wore it like a tunic since it was a little longer. I’m also one to keep my faux leather jacket in heavy rotation.

tip no. 3:

Find that balance between casual and chic. I almost always am wearing jeans (hello easy and effortless). But, I also like to add in other pieces to dress it up a bit for more of a chic effect that still feels effortless. Think loafers, fun textures, bold accessories (like a red leather bag), etc. If you want to upgrade the denim, opt for faux leather leggings or wide leg trousers.

The thing I love most about this effortless style mentality is that you truly don’t have to put a ton of effort into creating the look. It’s all about pulling pieces together that coordinate with pretty much everything (no fuss) and make you feel amazing.

I can’t wait to see how my style continues to evolve over time. Who knows, maybe this time next year I’ll be back to bold colors and crazy patterns. I mean, probably not, but you never know!

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Photos by Shelby Gordon