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Alright y’all. We are about to get REAL. It’s officially summer and with that comes bikini season. If you are anything like me, it hit you like a ton of carb-loaded, overly sweetened bricks and it would be an understatement to say that I was just not prepared. We all go into the start of the New Year with the hopes that, come May, our bodies will be a page out of the Victoria Secret Swim Catalog – but let’s. be. real. That was just not the case for me. And that’s okay! Sure, I’d love to have rock hard abs, slimmer legs, etc. etc. etc. Here are a few things I’ve come to realize: 1) while those bodies are beautiful, they are just not me. I have a bit of a butt on me and my legs will always be a little more muscular than not. 2) I LOVE my body and while I probably could benefit from a regular gym routine, as I’ve gotten older I have definitely come to appreciate ME. 3) if you are on the hunt for a swimsuit that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful … run, don’t walk, to your nearest Target. Even if you’re going in for nail polish or paper towels, just quickly hop on over to the swim section. You will thank me later.


Not gonna lie, I have not always had the best time shopping for swimsuits in the past. I’ve ordered online, in person, in catalogs. You name it, I have tried it. Sometimes I’ve failed. Sometimes I found the perfect bikini that just highlighted all my best assets (hehe). And that was exactly the experience I had at Target. Sure, there will always be some bikinis that are just not flattering to my body type – slightly hourglass/slightly athletic – but I found so many styles that I could rock this summer. After trying on a variety of sizes (I literally took like 30 pieces into the fitting room) and prints and styles, I landed on THE one. And by THE, I mean I got like four but really really loved one. I’ve been dying to add a one-piece to my collection and immediately fell in love with this striped number. It’s so retro and feminine but still chic and modern. Love. It.

Now that I found the perfect swimsuit, Target challenged us to think outside the box and pull together a few summer-ready looks incorporating the style. I thought this was such a crazy and ridiculous task but was easily surprised to find out how easy it was to create fun, on-trend outfits using a swimsuit. Crazy. Keep reading for a peek into the looks I created and make sure you head on over to your Target to scoop up some of the great styles they have. You can thank me later!



Hit the Beach


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Sure – this might be considered your standard beach look but pairing the striped number with a fun printed tote, distressed shorts and cool kicks created an easy and unexpected outfit, totally ideal for those hot summer days.


The Details: Striped One-Piece| Tote Bag




Dine Out 


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Talk about the perfect cami alternative. I loved this white blouse but it is definitely one of those you need to wear with something underneath so when I slid it over my new striped one pieces and threw on a pair of skinnies and strappy heels, I had the perfect casual and fun look for dinner with girls. Literally can go from pool to play!


The Details: Striped One-Piece | Jeans | White Button Up | Clutch


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And lastly, for a girly and fun date night look, I paired the one piece with a flirty pink pleated skirt, comfy wedges and pink lip. With bodysuits being a major trend right now, this was definitely an easier pairing and I can’t believe I never thought of it before!


The Details: Striped One-Piece | Pleated Skirt | Wedges

  Now it’s your turn, ladies! I challenge you to think about any of those insecurities you might have and throw them to the wind! Head on over to Target and find your perfect fit & style and then sound off below with a few ideas you have for styling that new bikini in an unexpected way. Good luck!

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