12 Days of Giveaways: Cooper & Ella Holiday Style



Y’all already know how much I love a little black dress. Sure, every girl needs at least one. But every girl also needs at least one really special LBD for the holidays. For me, special doesn’t necessarily mean glitz & glam. When it comes to classic holiday style, you just can’t get any more adorable than this cooper & ella  cutout dress. I love the simplicity of this LBD and think the cut is flattering on just about every body type. I opted for black sandals and a festive green clutch for a minimal feel. You could also glam things up with black tights, a red lip a bold heel in burgundy. 



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It’s time to #TreatYoSelf! Enter to win a piece from cooper & ella by following the super easy steps below. Good luck! 



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  1. 12.8.16
    Bilqees Bano said:
  2. 12.8.16
    Alina said:
  3. 12.8.16
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I love the Aude Wide Leg Pant in Ivory.

  4. 12.8.16
    Stafford said:

    Such pretty dresses. On the top of my list is the http://www.cooperandella.com/fall2016/pico-stitch-alyson-dress.

  5. 12.8.16
    Masara issa said:

    I fell for this one right away, it’s super simple but I too love little black dresses, http://www.cooperandella.com/fall2016/natalya-dress-1

  6. 12.8.16
    Sean said:

    The http://www.cooperandella.com/fall2016/natalya-dress-1 is stunning especially in marine blue color.

  7. 12.8.16
    Andrea Darst said:

    It’s so hard to pick just one favorite – all their pieces are so beautiful! I love the Aude Wide Leg Pant!

  8. 12.8.16
    Kim Pincombe Cole said:

    I love love love Cooper & Ella! I have a wrap top from them & it’s one of my faves.
    From their current collection, the Brooke One Shoulder Dress is hands down my favorite!

  9. 12.8.16

    I’ve never owned a LBD dress that I just absolutely loved. Hoping to find something soon with Cooper & Ella! Great giveaway!


  10. 12.8.16
    Katie said:

    so cute! Love it

  11. 12.8.16
    Amy Williams said:
  12. 12.8.16
    Meg S said:

    Love both the Haley Dress and the Sandra Kaftan! Beautiful.

  13. 12.8.16
    Ashley Simmons said:

    I love the Brooke One Shoulder Dress!

  14. 12.8.16
    Maggie said:

    Wow this look is so chic!! I’m obsessed with every piece!


  15. 12.8.16
    Jenny said:

    Love the modern look of the black Inna Jacket!

  16. 12.8.16
    Candace Aiello said:

    Love the Pico Stitch Alyson Dress

  17. 12.8.16
    Julie L said:

    I love the Avery beaded Lace tank top!

  18. 12.8.16
    Jenny said:

    I love the modern look of the black Inna Jacket!

  19. 12.8.16
    April Crisafulli said:

    The Carolina Dress is so cute! Love the pattern!

  20. 12.8.16
    Tina F said:

    I really like the Lydia Deep V Dress

  21. 12.9.16
    julie said:

    i love the brooke dress

  22. 12.9.16
    Christy DuBois said:

    I love the Lydia Deep V Dress. I also love your dress and the gray coat with it, so stylish as always

  23. 12.9.16
    Christy DuBoi said:

    I love the Lydia Deep V Dress. I also love your dress and the gray coat with it, so stylish as always

  24. 12.9.16
    Cristina Popescu said:
  25. 12.9.16
    Michelle Castagne said:
  26. 12.9.16
    Sandy said:

    That is one cute dress

  27. 12.9.16
    MeryeBeth Albert said:

    What a sweet LBD <3 <3 <3!

  28. 12.9.16
    Erin Ellis said:

    The Lucia Drape Blouse is my favorite. Happy Holidays!

  29. 12.9.16
    Fotini said:

    The Jessa Kaftan is definitely my favorite piece from their collection. Also they have XXS sizes which is great and rare to find!

  30. 12.9.16
    Helen said:

    Lots of favorites, like these pants http://www.cooperandella.com/fall2016/aude-wide-leg-pant

  31. 12.9.16
    Andi said:

    I love the Karina dress!

  32. 12.9.16
    Ashley Perez said:

    I love the Valentina Dress!

  33. 12.9.16
    Lina said:

    Their dresses are so elegant and for me the Tessa Piped Dress is their best one !

  34. 12.9.16
    Anna Y said:

    The Valentina Dress is to die for!

  35. 12.10.16
    Molly McInerney said:
  36. 12.10.16
    Rust said:
  37. 12.10.16
    sarah s said:

    One of my favorite is the Sonia Lace Sleeve Top.

  38. 12.11.16
    Natalie S said:

    The Larisa Kimono Top is super cute!

  39. 12.11.16
    julie said:

    the haley dress is my favorite

  40. 12.11.16
    Tabathia B said:

    I love the esther pocket dress and the pico stitch alyson dress

  41. 12.11.16
    April Jacques said:

    I like the zoya top

  42. 12.11.16
    Sara rai said:
  43. 12.11.16
    Latanya said:

    I like the Brooke One Shoulder Dress

  44. 12.11.16
    tina m said:

    i like the Carolina Dress

  45. 12.11.16
    Shannon said:

    I love the Padma Cold Shoulder top.

  46. 12.12.16
    Kelly M. said:

    My favorite piece is the Stella Lace tank

  47. 12.12.16
    Cheryl B said:

    I like the Nina top.

  48. 12.12.16
    Gaby Koehler said:

    I love the Emilia Cold Shoulder Dress and the Florentina Dress!!

  49. 12.12.16
    Cynthia Richardson said:

    My favorite is the Tessa Piped Dress in black

  50. 12.12.16
    Caitlyn Stone said:

    Omg I can’t choose just one! I narrowed it down to 2— the Renata deep V in black but that may make me look prego since my stomach is my least fave body part…
    So choice 1 would be the Leslie off the shoulder in
    Magenta ….. I have no tops like this yet…love it. Dress it down or dress it up….
    The Kiara cold shoulder in black is so cool but idk if i could pull it off…and the pasha lace long sleeve top in black is gorgeous too!!
    OK, I know that’s 4….. the Leslie and the pasha are my favorite. I love this shop because the takend stuff that I normally wear and spruce it up a bit and make it so much better just by editing a basic top a bit… thanks for introducing me to them!

  51. 12.13.16
    Stacey Roberson said:

    I love the Brooke One Shoulder Dress.

  52. 12.13.16
    Breanna Pollard said:


  53. 12.13.16
    Annette said:

    My favorite is the Jessa Kaftan.

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