Body Love Series Vol. 1: What Are Flaws?

You guys. I have been waiting patiently to finally launch this project and I’m literally on the verge of (happy/nervous) tears as I type this. It’s been an idea in my head for months and now the time has to come to hit publish and share with all of you. Safe to say I’m stoked/anxious/excited/emotional/proud – all the things.

Welcome to the Body Love Series.

A series of posts dedicated to falling back in love with the body I spent years criticizing and critiquing and just being a total mean girl to. Posts dedicated to embracing and celebrating the things I hated for so long. Posts dedicated to empowering you to take the same leap.

Every day this week I’ll be tackling a part of me – breaking down the negative connotation it used to have and instead honoring it in all it’s glory. FINALLY.

This series is my dedication to body love. It is not meant to come across as a hey-here’s-everything-I-love-about-myself-yay type of thing. It is however meant to inspire and hopefully empower you to take a look at the parts of you that you haven’t been nice to and flip the script completely. I want you to address those mean girl vibes you directed at your booty or your hips or your arms and know that you aren’t alone. It’s important to me that you know that. You are not alone. And you CAN love those parts of you.

How, you might ask?

Stop using the F Word.

Spoiler the F word is FLAWS. Oh, I hate that word so much. In society and in the media we’re told to embrace our flaws. Like WTF. Why are we even calling them flaws in the first place? That very word already comes attached with so much negativity.

What I can get behind is the idea of embracing all the parts of ourselves that make us US. For some, that might be cellulite. For others, that might be thicker thighs or oily skin. Instead of using the term flaws to dictate how we look at the parts of our bodies, I think it’s time to just start being OK with and loving every single inch. It’s one thing to want to be strong and healthy but never ever ever let that be confused with wanting to look a certain way or fit into someone’s standards.

And that is what this week is about. Check all of the posts here! Time to open up, share our love for US and empower other women to do the same!

Photos by Hannah Lozano


  1. 6.3.19

    So excited for this and looking forward to following along. For me I often only see my “flaws” and it definitely needs to stop. And you’re so right, that word needs to go too!!

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