black on black

Top [Forever 21 – similar] Pants [Forever 21 – similar] Heels [Zara – old] Earrings [Old Navy – love these, these and these!] Watch [Michael Kors]

First, let me start by explaining the two pics above. It was FREEZING when we shot these. Not only was the wind blowing like a scene from the Wiz, but because my jacket wasn’t part of my post, I had no protection from the chilling weather. Somehow this led to me having a bit of a laugh attack – mainly because Emily was making fun of me and snapping away with the camera. Definitely have some more blooper shots which will be shared at a later date. 
Now back to the outfit! I was surprised and super excited to find these gorgeous (and affordable ) earrings at Old Navy. I  didn’t even realize they sold jewelry let alone amazing statement pieces like these. In order to keep them as the focus, I decided to pair them with a simple black top and pants. It was just my luck when I found these strappy heels from Zara in my Spring/Summer section of mass confusion that is my closet. While I realize they might not be weather appropriate, I still couldn’t pass up the chance to keep it all coordinated for a black, coral and beige look. 
A word to the wise – sometime we have to pass up a cute look or good post when the weather OR your outfit does not permit – but, oh well! #LifeofaBlogger


  1. 2.21.13

    Love those Zara heels! I almost bought them myself. xoLili

    • 2.21.13

      I bought them in every color! They’re amazing and were affordable 🙂

  2. 2.21.13

    Is this top from F21?? I have the same one and I just put a post up yesterday wearing it! The same thing happened with me… the crazy wind kept blowing it up everywhere… it did not make for the most flattering photos…

    • 2.21.13

      Um, how embarrassing, I didn’t even leave a link to my post! You can see it here:

      Cute blog!! 🙂

    • 2.21.13

      Thanks girl! and yeah, peplum + crazy winds are not a good mix but yours don’t look bad at all!

      stay in touch!

      xx, lauren

  3. 2.21.13

    I would never know you were freezing in these pics! You hide it nicely! I love the black on black and I LOVE those shoes!!!

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