How I Do the Balanced Lifestyle Thing

Spoiler, nothing new here. We all talk about this idea of living a balanced lifestyle and while I 100% agree with the notion, I’m learning that balance means a little something different to everyone. For me, a balanced lifestyle doesn’t mean crushing it at a spin class to cancel out the french fries I ate the night before. For some, that works. Over time, I’ve come to the realization that using balance to literally balance the scale is a trigger point for me.

I used to have a super unhealthy relationship with food and my weight. Forget counting macros. I was obsessed with counting and tracking calories and working out for hours every day to make sure I was canceling out whatever I ate. I’ve come a long way since then but there will probably always be a little bit of weakness buried away in the back of my mind.

To avoid those triggers, I can no longer follow the thought process of “canceling” out food or making myself feel guilty enough for eating cake that I then I have to try and burn it all off. Let’s be real though, it’s hard to avoid that mentality. Less than a week ago after spin class, I found myself saying “well now I won’t feel guilty about all the champagne I’m going to have later”. For me, that’s unhealthy. I shouldn’t feel guilty in the first place. If I want to enjoy champagne, I should be able to have some (or a lot) without feeling bad about it. I shouldn’t have to add to my exisiting workout routine to try and make up for the extra calories or sugar I consumed.

My new approach to a balanced lifestyle is simple. I’m coming at it from a more general point of view. Instead of thinking of balance as a way to cancel out “poor” decisions or “make up for it” later, my goal is to just live my damn life. If I eat salads for five days straight, that’s great. If I make it to the gym every day, that’s awesome. If I eat a piece of cake followed by a non-skinny margarita, cool. If I skip every single workout for the week, no worries. My new balance will simply be about living without guilt while also still woking hard at my goals in the gym and the kitchen.

I am going to strive to challenge myself with new exercises and attempt to get back to cooking. But I am also going to enjoy what life has to offer in the form of things that are sugary, salty and bubbly. That will be my balance. The same idea behind balancing yummy food with workouts but without keeping track, one thing for the other.

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  1. 1.14.19
    Jessica Camerata said:

    As someone who has started to count caolories and macros when I never did, I can only imagine how easy it is to spin out of control (or too much control maybe?). This post is a great reminder that you just gotta live your life and make good decisions when you can!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. 1.14.19
    Elaine M. Gatewood, MSW, LCSW said:

    Check to you everything you stated Lauren! I couldn’t agree more. If you don’t have balance you will miss out on life. Enjoy being in the moment.

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