Ready for Winter with Athleta Outerwear

The temps in Atlanta have officially dropped and it’s finally starting to feel like fall. Honestly, maybe it’s more like winter (I actually wore lined boots earlier this week). Either way, when it comes to cooler temps a girl obviously needs to stock up on the perfect outwear to cover all of her al fresco workout (and brunch) needs. In comes Athleta. I’ve always loved shopping at Athleta for my “everyday” workout gear like tanks, leggings, etc. Well surprise, they have an amazing collection of winter wear and I literally want it all.

I’m gonna be real with you guys – I’m attempting to get back on the fitness train and it’s hardddddd. Especially during the holidays #amiright?! More realness: I feel 100000x more motivated when I get new gear. Like I literally can’t wait to get to the gym or a workout class to show off my new stuff. If you’re anything like me (and I have a feeling I am NOT alone), then you’re in luck because with any of the pieces from Athleta’s winter line, you’re gonna feel that much more inspired to get outside and start making moves.

Now that I have the warmest and coziest puffer (and it comes in metallics silver, um yes please), I’ve started doing 1-2 workouts a week outside. I’ll head out with B for a combo of squats + abs moves or we’ll go for a 20 minute run before a more intense cardio sesh. I’m still easing my way into it but I promise you this – having the right gear makes all the difference!

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This post was written in collaboration with Athleta. All thoughts & opinions are my own. 


  1. 11.16.17
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I understand the struggle of trying to get back in working out. If I quit even for a day, it’s all over. I find that working out is easier if I do it in classes or groups and it involves some form of dancing (zumba & ballet for me). Your athletic wear looks so cute on you!


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