Loft Living Room Refresh

american-signature-living-room-23I am so excited to finally reveal a fun project I’ve been working on with American Signature. If you’ve been following along for the past year or so, you’ve seen some of the other fun things we’ve done together to make my loft a home (see here, here and here). Last week, I shared a little sneak peek at the much needed refresh I was giving my living room – this has seriously been something I have been dying to do for a while now.

For a little background, I bought my old living room set when I first moved into the loft nearly three years ago and it never really felt like my style (longgggg story on that one). It was also super hard to entertain large groups as there wasn’t much flexibility with seating. I live in a loft so I have an open floor plan but trying to move a two piece sectional is not an easy task. Not to mention, that leather sofa was just too hot for B – he always complained. So safe to say it was time for a little update. 
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I worked closely with the American Signature team to pick out a new living room design that would meet all my needs: functional, stylish, modern and flexible. I needed pieces that would compliment each other as well as the other pieces in my house (again, with an open floor plan, you see #allthethings all the time). We started with the sectional since that would be the main focal point. One of the things I really wanted was the option to change things up whenever I wanted. The Athens 6 piece sectional by Kroehler allows for just that. It comes in six separate pieces including three corner chars, two armless chairs and an ottoman. You can connect them all together to create a comfy sectional or split and pair them up in a few other ways to create optimal seating. I went with two couches and love how it gives the living room a more open look & feel. I centered the couches with this cool coffee table and replaced my cheapy TV stand with this gorgeous wood version. I love the rustic yet still modern feel of the two pieces and think they play really well off one another even though they don’t match perfectly. 

Next up: the accessories. Last holiday season, I shared a little about American Signatures Accessories in a Box line of products. It is seriously the best thing ever. A box full of coordinating, modern and stylish home decor accessories that take all of the stress & guess work out of the picture…which is seriously perfect for this non-interior designer. I was so excited to find out they have similar collections for room decor. Knowing that I was going for a modern and slightly rustic look, I opted for the French Farmhouse and Modern White accessory sets. They each came with between 14-15 pieces and were perfect for adding the finishing touches to my new living room design.  

I still have a few things to do on the decor front – B has a gallery wall to finish and I need to find a new rug but I love how it’s coming together! So stay tuned. 

And if you’re interested in seeing more home decor posts, please let me know in the comments. Always looking for new verticals and content to keep you guys excited to come back for more! 



Athens 6 pc. Sectional | Cocktail Table | TV Stand French Farmhouse Accessories | Modern White Accessories | Breakfast Tray Set 



photos by Jnelly Photography


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    I have a really similar coffee table! Love that grey wood look!
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