5 Ways to Get More “Me” Time

Ah. “ME” Time. What does this even mean? How does one get it?

First, let me start by saying, I’m not a wife or mom so my need for “me” time might not be as much of a need but let me tell you, after my first solo vacation I’ve come to the realization that everyone needs a little alone time. Whether you’re a girlfriend a best friend a single lady or somewhere in between, even if you live at home by yourself I think its so important that every woman takes a little time to create some dedicated ME time moments.

Not really sure how to go about this or need some new ideas? Check out a few of my favorite ways to carve out a little “ME” time below!


  1. Take a Coffee Break: This might seem like a typical everyday task but I’m starting to appreciate my morning or afternoon coffee on a whole new level. Rather than brewing a cupon the run or just pulling through the Starbucks drive-thru, I’ve been more intentional about sitting back and just enjoying that 15 minutes. Sit with a book or your favorite podcast and just sip. Don’t worry about checking your emails. Don’t drink your coffee while sorting through the laundry. Don’t multitask period. Whether you’re at the office or at home or at a coffee shop, make it a priority to give yourself some time to just drink coffee.
  2. Go to a Movie Solo: Literally one of my favorite things to do. There’s nothing I love more than grabbing a popcorn + candy combo and sitting in a romantic comedy on a Saturday afternoon. I don’t know why it feels so relaxing but it just makes me so happy to enjoy that time by myself even if there are other people in the theater!
  3. Take Yourself on a Date: After your movie, go ahead and take yourself to dinner or drinks. Sit at a bar by yourself and enjoy a cocktail. Don’t be afraid to go to a new restaurant during dinner rush and ask for a table for one. It’s okay to be alone sometimes and that feeling of challenging yourself to not have to rely on another person to enjoy a meal or drink feels pretty good.
  4. Go on a Weekend Getaway: I already talked to you guys about taking a vacation by yourself but if you’re not up for a full on tropical or European getaway, plan a mini weekend trip somewhere that’s a little closer. Take that hour drive to a local vineyard or book a hotel in your city for an awesome staycation. Start small and just pack a bag, be spontaneous and enjoy that hotel room life.
  5. Take a Class: This is something I have been dying to do and can’t wait to try soon! I’ve taken cooking or painting classes with a group of friends before but I’ve never just gone to one because I wanted to learn something new. Make this a priority for you. Maybe it’s a one time class or maybe it’s an ongoing class to learn a new skill – either way, take this time to dedicate an hour out of your week to something you like to do or want to get better at.

Are you already a pro at getting in some good “me” time? What do you love to do for YOU? Comment below!


  1. 6.6.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! A lot of these tips I actually do on my own. I especially love reading a book and eating a pastry at a coffee shop. I’m happy to see doing things on your own becoming more common and less taboo or feeling like a loser eating on your own. I find that doing things on my own brings a lot of confidence and can spark conversations with new people. I once got on a disney thriller ride on my own and met some nice people that way.


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