4 Tips for Purging Your Closet

I have a feeling someone needs to read this today. Maybe you’re looking for a new project to tackle this week or maybe you just really need to finally start sorting through that chaos of yours. Either way, I’d say it’s time. Time to get organized, clean the clutter, get rid of the chaos and make room for some new pieces that can make their post-quarantine debut.

“But Lauren, where do I start??”

I feel ya. I’ve been purging my closet for years. I usually block out a day every few months to sort through the mess. Not that I have a lot of clothes to begin with. I’m not that blgoger with ten pairs of tan wedges or 50 denim shirts. But, I can tell when things start to pile up and feel cluttered and it just gives me anxiety. After some trial & error, I feel like I’ve finally mastered the closet-purge and wanted to share a few tips!

No. 1 Create your piles

I always have a DONATE, SELL and TOSS pile along with a NOT SURE pile. It makes sorting things that much easier and you don’t have to do it later. I also like to start a list before I get started of things I might need to buy. Think classics or essentials like a white tee or a new pair of boyfriend jeans because the ones you’re tossing have a major rip in the butt.

No. 2 If you haven’t worn it in the past 12 months…

Haven’t worn something in the past year? Well, that bad boy goes in one of the piles above. Even if the tags are on. If you didn’t wear it last season, you’re not going to wear it this season so clear it out.

Obviously, special occasion pieces don’t count here unless you know you won’t wear it again or will want to keep it for the sentiment.

No. 3 Try it on and create a few outfits

When you’re going through this cleanout process, sometimes it can be helpful to try on a few things and create future outfit ideas. This not only ensures that the things in your closet have versatility but it can also prove that some pieces don’t have much longevity and they can go in one of your gotta-go piles. I’ll even take photos of different combinations and save in my phone for future reference.

No. 4 Don’t forget the workout wear & undies

Anyone else have like one too many sports bras? Whenever I sort through my closet, I also like to clean out my leggings, sports bras, panties, and regular bras. Some need to be tossed due to normal wear & tear. Some just don’t fit anymore. And some were impulse buys that I haven’t worn ever.