ʻOhana: Family

Today’s post was this strange combo of super easy and extremely difficult. I encountered a ton of writer’s block but also somehow felt very inspired. Why? Because I’m writing about my friends. I can go on and on about my love for B and relationships: the good, the bad and the ugly. But putting into words the way I feel about my friends, business & travel partners, fellow collaborators, etc. proved to be pretty hard for whatever reason. I have a feeling it’s because of what exactly they mean to me and the impact they’ve had on my life. Let’s dive in.

‘Ohana: Family

If you’ve been following me for some time, you’re probably no stranger to my girls Megan and Jessica. These ladies have shaped me in more ways than one. And to be honest, as I’m typing this, I’m getting a little emotional. In full disclosure, I tend to keep my circle small so to be able to have such awesome friendships that started a little later in life is pretty special to me.

Before we dive in and I start ugly-crying, let’s talk about today’s word. ‘Ohana. Family. Friendship. Community. I’m sure you get by now where I’m going with today’s post. This word, a word I was familiar with before my trip, is one that just really stuck with me. Family has always been one of the most important things in my life. I have a huge family, it was one of the things that I first noticed about Brandon (his family is huge and means so much to him) and it’s one of the things that 100% keeps me centered. And the thing I love most: family has more than one meaning.

Since I started blogging a little over five years ago, I’ve experience a ton of ups and downs. Lots of doubts, challenges, exciting opportunities, new experiences…the list goes on. It’s an industry that a lot of influencers like to refer to as the “Wild West”. It’s always changing and there’s no “right” way to do it…it’s also competitive AF. But, through all of that, my relationships with these two ladies have somehow stood the test of time and have also totally made me a way better blogger, boss, friend and woman. In addition to just being awesome friends, they have been my community, my teachers, my listeners, my girls, my happy hour warriors, my brainstorming partners, my travel buddies – everything.

I wanted this post to be a celebration of them and the friendships we’ve developed over time…but I also wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned from each of them that I think are good takeaways for any friendship. Read on and get to know the girls I call my blogger besties!

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Meet Megan

I met Megan on Instagram in 2014. We were both going to Lucky FABB in LA and needed someone to room with. We met up for coffee, instantly connected and the rest was history. We pitched hotels together, landed collaborations together and realized that we were a pretty awesome duo of boss babes with a lot more to offer.

Just five months after meeting, we launched Adorn Media Group. What started as a digital marketing firm has grown into a really exciting blogger consulting business. We help other influencers grow, develop their brands and empower them with the tools to make. that. money. We both bring such unique talents and skills to the business and it’s become such the perfect partnership. She’s calm, creative and a serious hustler. I’m a little more Type A and bring some extra hustle and for that, we totally balance each-other out.

Megan was the first girl who told me I needed a media kit. She has taught me volumes about building a cohesive aesthetic. She’s the one who first introduced me to the travel bug. And she’s even bailed me out of a few personal challenges. She’s the best listener, totally shares my love for pizza and wine and continues to keep me on my toes when I’m being a little too dramatic.

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Her role in my life: the balancer. the business partner. the free spirit. 


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Her role in my life: the teacher. the fellow hustler. the travel partner. 

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Meet Jessica 

Where do I even begin with this one? Jessica is the first blogger I met in Atlanta. I was moving from DC to Atlanta in 2013 and reached out to a handful of ATL bloggers. I wanted to make friends and get to the know the city and blogger community. Jessica is the only one who wrote me back. How lucky! We met up for brunch at Barcelona in Inman Park and I’ve been stuck at her hip ever since. Maybe it’s because she took these bomb pictures of my outfit or maybe it was her sarcasm that totally won me over. Whatever it was, I seriously couldn’t be happier to call this lady boss my friend.

This industry is hard AF to navigate but I can without a doubt credit a portion of my success to Jessica. She has taught me #allthethings and was actually the one that inspired me, when I was ready, to leave my 9-5 and start pursuing this as a full time career. Jessica is the reason I have any sense of business know-how when it comes to blogging. Think contracts, invoices, how to ask for more money, how to negotiate late fees, how to take good pictures….damn, the list goes on.

In addition to just being the best teacher, we have also shared a ton of fun memories throughout our friendship. We’ve traveled to Paris, Maui, Asheville and are currently in New York together. We’ve had boozy work sessions, lots of coffee dates, even more Upbeet dates and our text history always makes me LOL. She’s real and hilarious and I truly feel like a badass to be able to call her my friend.


Who are your girls? Your road warriors? Your teachers? Who motivates you the most? Comment below and share today’s post to celebrate the awesome family, friends and community in your life!


  1. 3.8.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! Overtime I hear the word Ohana I think of Lilo & Stitch lol! How wonderful it is to have great friends and family. My family and friends are everything to me, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I think it’s wonderful that you dedicated this blog for them.


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