Whole 30 Kickoff

Rubbermaid-via-Fashionably-Lo-7Today’s post is all about accountability. Early last  year (yes wayyyy back in 2015), B and I did Whole 30 with a few of my coworkers. If you’re not familiar with the program, it’s basically really strict paleo. No grains. No dairy. No sugar or sweeteners or any kind. So in other words, you can’t eat anything that brings you joy.

My first experience with Whole 30 was awesome. While the first few weeks were tricky, I felt amazing when it was all over. I lost a ton of bloat weight, my skin felt brighter, I had way more energy and could go weeks without coffee (huge. deal.). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to complete a full round of Whole 30 since. I start, last 1-2 days and then totally wipe out. Which is what bring me to today’s post. I’m hoping that if I share with all of you that today kicks off my Whole 30 journey, I might actually be able to hold myself to it. B has promised to try it out again with me so please keep both of us in your thoughts for the next 30 days! 

We are planning to follow the program as close to perfectly as possible. You’re not supposed to consume alcohol of any kind, including wine. Knowing myself and the fact that I love a good glass of cab sav after a hard day, I won’t be sticking to that part of the plan. I will however try to keep the drinks to a limit and not choose the super sugary or cocktails (i.e. sticking with wine). Other than that, it’s no more chai lattes or cheeseburgers for me for the next 30 days. 

While loosing some weight would be a major plus for me, I’m really looking forward to resetting my body. There are so many foods that rub my digestion the wrong way and eliminating those things last time really made a huge difference in the way I look and think about food. 

So wish me luck and feel free to join along for the ride! You can find all the rules, shopping lists and recipes along with a ton of free printables and downloads at whole30.com.  I’ll also plan to share updates each week with some of my favorite recipes, any challenges or highlights, etc. so stay tuned! And as always, you can get a full peek at all the behind the scenes moments on snapchat (lauren_ely). 


  1. 2.2.16
    jessica said:

    You’re going to be SO much fun to eat with tomorrow ha!

    xo Jessica

  2. 2.4.16

    Go you! I’m seriously thinking about doing this. It’s so intimidating to think about though!

    Xx Taylor

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