Festive Whiskey & Coke Slushie Recipe

This post has been sponsored by Coca-Cola. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I can’t believe we are less than a month out from Christmas. With Thanksgiving behind us, I have holiday party season on my mind. I can’t wait to throw our first party at the new house, and I’ve already started brainstorming our menu and decor (thinking a winter white wonderland is a must).

I stopped by Target last weekend to pick up a few party essentials, and although I may or may not have left with a few other goodies (don’t tell B), I was still able to get everything I needed to make one of my favorite festive holiday cocktails: The Whiskey & Coke Slushie.

One of Brandon’s favorite drink orders is a Whiskey & Coke. My dad is also a pretty big fan, so when B and I threw our holiday dinner party last year, I decided to adapt their favorite cocktail for something a little more festive. The secret ingredients? Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and frozen cherries.

If you haven’t had Coke Zero Sugar, get ready for your life to be changed. Seriously, run to Target and get some ASAP.  I am obsessed with the taste, and I keep a case of the mini cans in my refrigerator at all times—they’re perfect for making cocktails or grabbing a quick drink out the door. When combined with the subtle cherry flavor and smooth whiskey finish, well, get ready for a little holiday cheer in a cup.

Festive Holiday Whiskey & Coke Slushie


  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 2-Liter (feel free to use Coca-Cola or Diet Coke, if you prefer!)
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Ice Cubes (pour Coke Zero Sugar into an ice cube tray and let freeze overnight)
  • Frozen dark cherries
  • Whiskey (choose your favorite!)


(*makes two slushies)

  1. Add 8-10 Coca-Cola Zero Sugar ice cubes to the blender.
  2. Pour in two shots of whiskey and two shots of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (you can always do more or less whiskey depending on how much of a kick you want)
  3. Add a handful of frozen cherries and blend until smooth
  4. Pour into two glasses, top with a festive straw and a few frozen cherries, and enjoy!

Photos by Shelby Gordon