What I’m Packing for Morocco

I literally cannot get over the fact that we leave for Morocco & Egypt in 48 hours. Insane. We have been planning this trip for a few months now and you better believe I have our itinerary SET. I’m such a planner. What I don’t have a good grasp on is the fact that I’m packing for ten days in a carry on suitcase. No checked bags. Gives me hives just thinking about it.

I am 100% that annoying blogger that wants outfit changes and a new look for every photo. I can’t help it. I also just want lots of options for all of the amazing things we have lined up. Brandon had to reel me in and remind me that this is NOT a fashion show – it’s my 30th birthday trip. We should be focusing more on our experiences together versus our outfits. Blah blah blah.

So, I did the impossible. I somehow managed to pack for ten days with a few extra looks, workout outfits and all my gear into a carry on suitcase and book-bag/duffel situation. I gotta say, I’m proud. The key to my success is a bunch of dresses that can easily be rolled up now and steamed out later, separates that can create multiple looks and neutral shoes only.

Catch a peek at some of my favorite looks I’m packing below!