Wedding Update: July 2020

Ohhhh my gosh you guys – we’re making some headway with wedding planning. And that is freaking surreal.

The venue and date are officially booked. We have our photographer + videographer confirmed and the DJ has been committed. I’m currently locking in an appointment to kickstart my dress search and we’ve officially finalized our guest list with Save the Dates going out in a few months. We are making progress people!

We’re still a little ways out from locking in vendors for decor, florals, lighting, etc. but that hasn’t stopped me from getting our “vision” together. There is still a lot of work to be done and this could 100% change throughout our planning process but as of today, this is the direction we’re going in. And I sorta LOVE it.

If I could describe the vibe in just a few words:

Issa Party…with a side of tequila

Brandon and I might have different aesthetics and styles but if there is one thing we can agree on for the wedding it’s that we want it to be one heck of a party. This has been a day that we, along with both of our families, have been waiting for so ya better believe we’re going to make it one big celebration.

I don’t want to give too much away, especially since we haven’t started finalizing any details, but there are a few things I’m definitely interested in when it comes to the vibe + vision of the big day.

Florals: I have never been much of a florals person so there’s a pretty good chance greenery will be a major element. I’m also really into the idea of incorporating citrus fruits into the centerpieces and decor.

Colors: Neutrals. Duh. I don’t want anything too “trendy” so we’re most likely going with mostly neutrals. Black, whites, ivories, creams, etc. I love mixing in shades of green and citrus as accent colors which is something that should make B happy. Ya know he loves his color.

Decor: I am really feeling the minimal vibe. Surprise surprise. I don’t want anything too crazy or extravagant but ya better believe we’ll have lots of mixed metals, greenery, lounge-style seating, several bars, disco balls, neon signs, etc. Basically – everything ya need to throw one amazing party.

We still have lots of work to do and I plan to keep MOST things as a surprise so our guests can experience it for the first time without reading about it first! But, I’m also planning to keep you guys in the loop throughout the planning process. So stay tuned for more wedding content coming your way!