Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boo

You guys. It is officially my favorite time of the year. I’ve always loved the holidays but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that my love for Christmas has gotten to nearly obsessed-level proportions. And I don’t hate it.

I know the season is about more than presents but I have to admit, I love playing Santa. There’s something about seeing the reaction on the other person’s face when they get that perfect gift. One thing I’ve learned over the past few years with B is that the perfect gifts usually don’t cost a lot of money and they’re usually not a “material” item. Whether you’re struggling to find the right gift for your boo or looking for some new ways to celebrate the holidays with your SO this year, check out a few of my favorite unique gift ideas that are sure to be a hit a jolly hit. (seriously, I get even cornier come December 1st – sorry)

Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Significant Other

You. You’re the Gift.

Mom, cover your ears. Now, ladies listen up. Buy some ribbon. Wrap your (naked) sexy self up in it. Set yourself up under the tree or some mistletoe and call him downstairs. Let your boo unwrap you and the, well you know the rest.

12 Days of Gifts

I’ve been doing this for Brandon every year since we’ve started dating and plan to do it well into our grey years. Starting December 1st, I’ll surprise Brandon with 11 gifts leading up to Christmas. Some are small like a box of his favorite candy or those special ice cubes for an old fashioned cocktail. Some are a little bigger like a new jacket or some gym clothes from his favorite brand. And then, on Chrismtas morning, he’ll open gift #12 which is usually the BIG one. Last year I got him a new suitcase and part of our flights for the Egypt trip. Each of the twelve gifts has a little cheesy rhyme about the number/day of gifts and honestly, they’re so much fun to come up with. This is a fun way to shower your boo with a little extra love throughout the holidays without spending a ton of money!

52 Things You Love About Him/Her

I did this for Brandon for one of our anniversaries but think it’s also such a fun Christmas gift idea. The best part? It’ll cost you less than $10. All you need is a deck of cards, some sticker labels and a red sharpie. On each of the cards, you’ll write one of the things you love about your boo. Wrap the deck in some festive paper and leave them on his/her bedside table or in their gym bag for a fun surprise. This is such a fun gift that you’ll love creating and they’ll love receiving – and you can keep it forever as a little keepsake.

A Year’s Worth of Dates

I can’t even take credit for this one. B got super creative last year and instead of a traditional gift, he gave me twelve boxes with twelve different date nights for the year. Each box came with a date night card and a few items for the date. I then got to experience the gift all year long! Each month I would lay out the date night card I wanted him to plan out for that month – and then the actual date night would be a surprise. I freaking loved this SO much. Some of the date night boxes included:

  • Game Night at Home: The game night box came with a ton of fun little games we could play together at home including the random jelly bean taste test, truth/dare cards and more. I loved getting to bust this out at home with B and just have a fun night at home with no phones.
  • Night Cap: This was a spice one for sure. The box included a sexy lingerie set and a silky robe for an intimate night at home with my man. I won’t get into detail on the actual date night but every couple needs one of these 🙂
  • Fancy Night Out: I also loved this date night box. B picked out a really cute jumpsuit from Express and paired it with some fun jewelry. When I laid out this card, he planned a fun night to a lounge and live music – so much fun and I loved getting to wear an outfit he picked out!

Photos by Naomi Hopkins