Do You Support Other Women?

Woah. Talk about a loaded question, right? But seriously – do you support other women? I’m talking like full on team #girlpower. I’ll be honest, I could do better. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriends and I love seeing what amazing women are doing every single day to create more jobs, more power, more courage and more recognition for women around the world. But when it comes to really celebrating and sharing these awesome accomploshments…I’m subpar.

Now, I’m not a monster. It’s not because I don’t want to support and spread the word. But like most things, sometimes life gets in the way and my priorities shift (sometimes selfishly). That’s changing. I set a “word” for 2019 which I’ll share more about later but one of my supporting missions this year to is be more intentional about celebrating and supporting badass women. No more letting my own work or personal life get in the way of a quick shoutout on IG or attending a cool speaking opp. I’m going to do better and what better way to kick things off than with sharing a little love for one of the most badass woman I know. Laticia Rolle.

Meet the Woman You Need to High Five Immediately

I met Laticia a little over a year ago and have been obsessed with her ever since. We followed eachother on Instagram for a while and not only did I (and do I) think she is the most gorgeous human but she is quite possibly the most inspiring and motivating person I have come across on the gram and in person. She embodies girlpower in every sense of the word. She introduced me to Shelby and has sparked a ton of my creative direction over the past year. She creates amazing content, is an awesome storyteller and in 2018 took her badassness to another lever and launched her own business which is what inspired this post in the first place.

Laticia launched TRESS last year as a solution to a common issue amongst women with textured hair.

“It was always a struggle finding a baseball hat that fit, looked good and not always forced onto my curls. The biggest issue was taking the hat off and seeing how horrible my curls looked afterwards. TRESS solves all of these problems! The satin lining preserves my curls, while the built in hair elastics provides me with the perfect ponytail. I love wearing TRESS on the go, with leave in conditioner underneath and for those days my curls get a little crazy I wear TRESS as a protective, stylish style,” TRESS founder Laticia Rolle.

 TRESS is determined to solve this issue most women with textured hair face and to create a functional hat that is protective and stylish – and you guys, it IS stylish.. With a focus on solving a functional everyday hair issues and a passion for women embracing who they are. TRESS is, That Hat for US. Reading more about Laticia’s mission for TRESS and seeing how passionate she is about creative a product centered around inclusion and celebration of women, well it inspires me.

I’ve had the chance to rock my TRESS hats a few times and every single time I’m reminded about how awesome it is that my friend created this product. Yet, I never shared it and it was about time I made that change. Starting with today’s post, I’m committing myself to celebrating Laticia and TRESS and hopefully even more women and their passions.

Want to join me in supporting women even more in 2019, drop your girl crush or a badass women you know below so we can all cheer her on!

All photos by Shelby Gordon.