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Happy Friday, friends! We’re in full-on December now and we’re all waist deep in holiday prep. But we can’t help but take a break and reminisce about our favorite experiences of the year and daydream about what lies ahead. Mae, Sabrina, and I all share a love of travel, so some of our favorite stories and experiences (from 2016 and beyond) are travel-related. In fact, this series was created over a girls weekend in Charleston! But while we all love each other and think girls weekends are obviously needed, we also agree that there are few things more romantic than traveling with your boo. Comment “YASSS” if you agree!

Experiencing a new place, eating all the best food, and spending quality time together make travel such a meaningful time for you and bae. It can be a life-changing experience and what better way to bring you and your guy closer than ever? Travel will bring out both the best and the worst in both of you, so it’s also a great way to experience a new side of him. Long car and plane rides lead to the best conversations. Stressful travel situations allow you to work through challenges together. And seeing the joy on his face when he checks an item off his bucket list will give you the feels to last a lifetime.

We all love traveling with our guys, so we thought we’d put our experiences together to give you the low-down on traveling with bae. From ideas for the trip of a lifetime to tips and tricks for how to make your trip go off without a hitch, we’ve got you covered.


Nick and I have done a decent amount of travel in our time together (both together and separately) and have so made so many great memories.  We’ve been to Panama, Bali, Singapore, and plenty of states together (Hawaii, Phoenix, and Colorado are some favorites). We love spending time together no matter what we’re doing, but we’ve learned a couple things that make our trips a little more enjoyable.

When we travel together, we try to leave plenty of free time to explore. We do the bucket list things first, then we venture out and explore. We’ve also learned to put down the camera, sign off of socials, and take in our surroundings. As content creators, this can be challenging. It can be tempting to share everything and every moment, but I promise that your memories mean way more to you than anyone else. So take the pictures, sure. But also make memories and really be present. If you must get content, do it early. Then, enjoy your trip and your guy!

Nick and I love traveling and we feel so thankful for the few opportunities we’ve had. In 2017, we’ll be taking our first cruise for a friend’s wedding and we’ll be going to San Diego for a bit. Otherwise, our plans are up in the air but I’m really pulling for a trip abroad. Leave your suggestions in the comments!


In our one plus year of dating, #FashionablyBae and I have been on some pretty awesome vacays. From Napa to Cartagena to Chicago, we’ve had the opportunity to experience many firsts and make tons of fun memories. And while we’ve had some pretty magical moments, let’s be real…it wasn’t all perfect. The traveling part is easy. We bring one of our iPads, plug in our headphones and watch #allthemovies. It’s the prep and logistics that tend to cause a little friction. I tend to make all of the plans, set our itinerary, do both of our packing, etc. Brandon on the other hands is a very “easy-going” traveler and basically shows up ready to board the flight. While I wish he would be a little more hands on at times, it seems to just work for us so I guess I don’t have that much to complain about. My biggest piece of advice is to just see where you and your boo land when it comes to roles & responsibilities and straight up embrace it.

We’ve got some fun trips on our radar for 2017 (fingers crossed we make it to Italy or Greece!!) and whether I’m doing the majority of the heavy lifting or not, I know we’ll have an amazing time no matter what!


Sahir and I love to travel! I mean, who doesn’t? But as homebodies it’s generally the only thing that gets us super excited about being away from home. This year was full of trips nearby and afar (remember San Diego, Washington D.C., and South Carolina?) It was all perhaps leading up to this weekend, our end of the year trip to Europe! We did a Mediterranean tour for two weeks during our honeymoon and absolutely loved it. There is nothing more beautiful than Montenegro and more fun than Santorini. For this trip we are taking it back to the basics and heading to London and Paris. I’ve been to both but it’s been 10 years since I’ve seen London, and I did Paris on a short 36 hour trip with my girlfriends while  studying abroad in college. I’m so excited to experience these historic (& romantic) cities with my husband.

In general we usually split the planning, (read: I do everything) but this trip was 99% Sahir. He found the tickets, booked the hotels, and even made a list of suggested activities. We usually try to be as buttoned up as possible when it comes to travel logistics, but loose upon arrival. There are definitely a few things that we want to see, but we find it fun to just kinda wander around without a schedule. Hell, when do you ever get time to just walk around without needed to get to a certain place by a certain time?  

I’m so excited for this trip and the amazing adventures we will have in 2017. We have a grand trip to the west coast (Mt. Zion, Yosemite, LA & the Grand Canyon) on dock, so hopefully that will happen next!



If we’ve got you excited to plan your next trip with bae, comment below with one place you would love to go with him. What would you want to see there? If you are experienced at traveling as a part of a couple, tell us what tips you have learned to make traveling with your partner a breeze!

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