The New Nakeds

When it comes to finding a good bra, we all know how tricky it can be. Whether it’s the size, fit or shade – I know I can’t be the only one who constantly struggles to finding the perfect garment. In comes the latest & greatest from ThirdLove: The New Nakeds. The collection includes a range of five Naked shades in the bra styles we all love most (t-shirt, push up and full coverage). You can even personalize everything from the cup size (love their ½ sizes) to the style that best fits your body shape to the color that best complements your tone. The best part? Even if one of the five shades doesn’t completely “match”, all of the hues are awesome additions to your wardrobe. My natural skin tone is close to Naked 2 (paired with the mint ruffles)  but I love wearing Naked 3 with darker pieces like a black tee or a rich, lace dress.

If you aren’y already familiar with the brand, ThirdLove believes the world is ready for a modern woman’s idea of sexy. They strive to inspire all women to embrace the beautiful, little details that make them unique. The brand has changed the industry’s standard measurements and developed 1⁄2-cup sizes (hollllla) based on real women’s measurements, getting women everywhere into perfectly fitted bras. Every ThirdLove bra is designed with US in mind and customized to fit all the sizes of real women—without sacrificing design and fashionable details. I don’t really think I can put into words how amazing this is. 
Not only have I seriously always struggled to find a good-fitting bra but I’ve always secretly hated those brands that put out one shade of “nude” or “naked”. Um hello, we obviously all felt that way and it’s great to see ThirdLove making major steps for inclusion and empowerment. The fact that they have five awesome shades that compliment pretty much every skin tone is pretty incredible. It doesn’t hurt that the fit and the seamless matching panties make this the dynamic duo of undergarments! 


This post was written in collaboration with ThirdLove. As always, all thoughts + opinions are my own – I wouldn’t lie to y’all. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Fashionably Lo’s doors open! 



  1. 3.4.17
    Gina Graves said:

    Lauren, how is the bra for support? I usually wear underwire.

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