The Three White Shirts Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

Okay. Before you say anything – I know Labor Day is right around the corner. But I’ve never been one to follow “fashion rules” so ya better believe I’ll be wearing all sorts of white, ivory, off white, etc. after Labor Day. Sorry, not sorry.

And now that we’ve got that out of the way – let’s talk about my favorite closet staple: a classic white top.

I’m a firm believer in “capsule” wardrobes. You don’t need a ton of clothes to have an epic, versatile wardrobe. And one of those pieces that can take you pretty far in terms of versatility is, you guessed it, a good white top. Dress them up. Dress them down. Pair them with jeans. Pair them with skirts. Layer then under jackets. Layer them over dresses. Literally. The possibilities are endless.

So without further ado – aaaahhhhh here ya go.

three white shirts every girl needs in her closet

No. 1 The White button Up

Why I love it: Okay first of all. A white button-up is the ultimate closet staple. Whether you’re rocking it to the office (slash a virtual Zoom meeting) or dressing it all the way down for a casual travel look – a classic white button-up can be a girl’s best friend. Look chic & put together at all times with this capsule staple.

No. 2 The White Cami

Why I love it: If there is one thing I wear most in my closet, it’s probably my white cami. I gotta say, this just might be the perfect layering piece. Because it is so lightweight, you can literally wear it with and under anything. Throw on a leather jacket for date night. Pair with a blazer for the office. Bundle up with an oversized cardigan when it starts to get chilly. Infinite possibilities, my friend.

No. 3 The White TEe

Why I love it: I mean, what’s not to love? A good white tee can be hard to find. You want it soft and sorta “lived in”. You want it to be the right length. And you definitely want it to fit justttt right. Once ya find the one, it can be the perfect piece to pair with everything from jean shorts to leather pants. It’s the ultimate casual meets edgy meets classic item every girl needs.