The Best Jeans for Curves

Oh ladies, jeans can be hard. I’ve talked about this before but when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans that fits my curves, it can be a real struggle. Not even just curves, but finding jeans that also fit an athletic build can be tricky sometimes. I’ve got strong, thick thighs with a big booty but my waist is smaller. Jeans are usually either too big in the waist, way to tight in the legs or don’t even come up past the cheeks. It aint easy to find that perfect fair that fits jusssttt right. Until now, my friends.

Whether you can totally relate or just have trouble finding jeans that fit your unique body shape whether it’s curvy, slim, athletic, lengthy or somewhere in the middle, these are the brands that I turn to for that extra inclusive range of denim.


One of my absolute favorite brands for denim is Madewell. Jessica introduced me to them and I’m been hooked ever since. I’ll be honest. I was hesitant to spend anywhere from $80-$120 on a pair of jeans but I can hands down tell you they are SO worth the price tag. I love that their jeans come in different ranges like petite, curvy, tall, etc. so there’s truly something for everybody.


It should be no surprise that NYDJ is on my list. You guys know how much I love them. Their jeans are made for curves and I can’t get enough. Such classic styles that are not only flattering but they feel good. The sizing is a little unique but all of my jeans fit extremely true to size once you check their sizing charts.

American Eagle

American Eagle was probably the brand I wore most in high school so it’s pretty crazy to see it come full circle now that I’m in my thirties. I gotta say – I love their jeans. With a more affordable price tag, American Eagle is one of my favorite places to shop for shorts and boyfriend jeans. They’re standard skinny fit and jeggings are also amazing.

Photos by Naomi Hopkins