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 Your first thought when seeing today’s post is probably one of confusion.

“Lauren, why are you wearing a swimsuit in February when it is a balmy 50 degrees outside?”

I get it. I’m halfway wondering the same thing myself. But it’s for a good reason, I promise!

At the beginning of the year, we all set goals and resolutions to kick off 2016, the majority of us wanting to get in shape or make changes to our diet and fitness regime. Am I right? While it is 100% okay to want to better our health & wellness, I think I personally set these goals out of vanity more so than anything else. I know, physically, my body is not where I’d prefer it to be, and planning last-minute trips to Colombia and Cali for the next two months has not helped to ease any of the anxiety. To say I don’t feel bikini-ready is an understatement.

Truth time: we all have things we don’t necessarily love about our bodies. For me, it’s my curvier thighs and stubborn tummy (it’s like my abs just don’t ever want to see the sun). And while I plan to keep working on these areas, I refuse to let any insecurities get in the way of having an absolute blast this spring/summer – and you shouldn’t either!

One of the hardest things about not quite feeling bikini-ready is the whole bikini part. Well good news for everyone – Target has a ton of swimsuit styles for every body type that will seriously make you feel that much more confident. Bikinis and one-pieces and tankinis that fit your unique shape, personal style and that are perfect for upcoming trips or summer activities (I’m dying to go scuba diving!). I had a dressing room marathon earlier this week and tried on a ton of the different options and am so excited to bust ‘em out on the beach in a few weeks. (pro tip: Target has free shipping + free returns so you can try as many swimsuits as you want, either in-store or online, and return what doesn’t work!)

For me, a one-piece or halter-style bikini works best for my figure. I feel more confident and comfortable in those styles – maybe because they support and flatter a pear shape/curvier bottom half? I also love how modern a good one-piece can look (hey, if Marilyn can pull it off, so should we!).

I am that girl that has major FOMO issues (fear of missing out) so this whole notion of #NOFOMO has me all sorts of excited. Embracing my body and showing it off in swimsuits that make me feel great? Talk about a total attitude changer. I can’t wait to slow-mo run on the beach in Cartagena or lounge poolside in a chic one-piece on the Sonoma coast. Next time you’re shopping for a swimsuit (better run to Target) or planning something fun for the summer, join me in taking the #NOFOMO pledge! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And once you see that bangin’ bod in a striped one piece or printed bikini, there’s no turning back.

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  1. 2.7.16
    Lisa said:

    I never comment on posts, but had to today.
    You look amazing! I would never say you weren’t bikini ready. Your clothes always look great on you and today’s post is no different.

    We all can use a reminder about being comfortable in our skin and the commitment to stay healthy, but you’re already there so enjoy!!

    • 2.7.16
      Lauren said:

      you are SOOOO sweet!!!!!


  2. 2.7.16
    Maggie said:

    I’m so in love with this campaign!! I love that feather (leaf?) suit too!! You look awesome 🙂


    • 2.7.16
      Lauren said:

      thanks so much lady!!!!

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