Summer Lovin’

Happy Friday, ladies! I seriously could not be more ready for the weekend. I spent last week doing major blog work and prepping for my first week back in action so I’m definitely looking forward to having a little summer fun this weekend! And speaking of summer, I can’t believe summer is here an in full swing. I swear I feel like we were just breaking out the sundresses and jackets for spring. Although it can get pretty brutal herein Atlanta, I’m still pumped and loving summer more than ever before. Check out some of my summer must-haves below in something new I’m trying here on the blog: seasonal checklists with activities, trends, product picks and more. Let me know if this is something you like/want to see more of in the future or if you have ideas for other things I can add in! 

  1. Stock Up on Summer-Friendly Pieces: Take this gingham sundress for example. I mean, does it get any more “Summer” than this? Nope. I’m a firm believer in breaking out all the dresses, twirly skirts and cute tops for summer. I hate wearing pants when it’s hot & humid so I typically opt for some sort of dress situation. I also haven’t stopped wearing this super cute hat since picking it up in Chicago (under $15!). I think every blogger out there has some sort of panama/boat hat in their wardrobe and I finally see why. They top off any and every outfit and are the perfect accessories to dress up or dress down your summer look. 
  2. Pick Up Some Fresh Flowers: The best way to turn your home into the perfect summer oasis? A bouquet of fresh flowers. And you don’t have to spend a bunch! I am obsessed with Trader Joes for many things: $2 Buck Chuck, their frozen Chicken Tikka Masala, blood orange soda and of course they’re super affordable flowers. I think these hydrangeas were $4/bunch or something like that. Either way, SO much cheaper than Whole Foods or another pricier florist. I go in once a week and just grab a ton of pretty things. Right now I’m crushing on sunflowers, hydrangeas and white roses. So fresh & clean for summer! 
  3. Plan a Picnic: Brandon and I have been dying to do a picnic in the park. Now that I’m back for traveling at least for a few weeks, I think we’re going to pack up this adorable straw tote and head to Piedmont Park with some wine, yummy treats and a cozy blanket to just relax and enjoy all of the people watching. I also plan on grabbing my girls and heading to the park for a little girl talk in a more casual setting. I love getting in a light workout outside and then swapping healthy-ish lunches and catching up! 
  4. Travel to a New Place: Do you blame me for wanting to travel to new places like every day? This year has been quite the adventure for me and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably feeling inspired to explore a new city, state or country in the near future. No matter how far you’re going or what you’re budget might be, try to visit a new place this summer with the boo, your girlfriends or family! I’m heading to Cuba in July and seriously canNOT wait to share with you guys. 
  5. Set New Goals: June & July for me tend to include a lot of checking in against the goals I set for the year and re-shifting focus on what I want to strive for during the rest of the year. I did a lot of this last week with some blog planning but have also been focusing more and more on my health & fitness. I think take a step back in the middle of the year allows you to take in what you’ve done so far and what you might not have achieved just yet, set some new goals & action plans to get it done and maybe even come up with some new goals based on new dreams or passions. For me, I’m hoping to get stronger in pretty much every sense of life right about now ha! This includes my body, my business and even in personal relationships. 
What do you have on your summer checklist? Comment below!


Photos by Gossett Photography