Out of Office

Well ladies…consider this my out of office! Sort of. Today marks the first day of a whirlwind few weeks of travel. I’ve shared before that I set some major goals this year as it relates to traveling more and well, the next few weeks should pretty much get me there, and then some. Read on to see where I’m going, what I have planned and what’s in store for my readers! 


Holy cow guys. Today’s post has me SO excited. Actually, scratch that. Today in GENERAL has be excited. You guys could probably care less about my travel plans – butttt, I think I’m most excited to share all of the great content over the next few weeks. But hold – I’m jumping ahead. 

Let’s start with trip NO. 1. Today I head off to Spain for a random, last minute whirlwind of a trip. Brandon’s sister and one of my longtime girlfriends invited me a little last minute (in true Tiffany style) on a girl’s getaway to Spain a few weeks ago…and I said yes. I got an amazing deal on my flight and that was that. Now, as I’m writing this post we do NOT have a hotel booked which has me all the way stressed out. But, I’m learning to go with the flow and know that we will work it out. eek!

I take off tonight and, this time tomorrow, I’ll be exploring the streets of Barcelona. Holy crap. We’re doing Barcelona for two days and then we jet off to Ibiza for all of the dancing, nude beaches and sangria we can handle. Spain has always been on the top of my travel bucket list and I can’t believe it’s happening in the same year I went to Paris. Someone just go ahead and pinch me already. I think what I’m most excited about (aside from the paella) is getting to explore and experience a non-blogger trip. For all of my fellow bloggers, you’ll know what I mean. I LOVE traveling with bloggers because they get it. We do photos, we change 10000 times, we work almost nonstop. And I love it. But every now and then it’s great to take a real vacation with people who definitely don’t want to snap your photo every 5 minutes. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be working and begging for a few outfit photos here and there but I’m pretty pumped to take a little easier on this trip. 

If you guys have any recs on places to visit, things to do, where to eat (where to stay – ahh) or any other tips for Barelona or Ibiza please share below! 

Okay, now for trip NO. 2. I get back from Spain on the 19th and then head off to Cuba with Alex on the 21st! Now this ladies & gentleman, will be a blogger trip for the books. We have so many awesome things planned and let’s be real, we gotta enjoy Cuba while we still can. I have been counting down the days to this trip for so many reasons. Not only is there so much to experience and explore, but I just can’t wait to immerse myself in the culture.

Unlike Spain, this trip is pretty much planned to the second. Because we’re both planning on producing a ton of travel content & resources for future visitors (um, maybe…) we have a full itinerary filled with everything from walking tours to salsa lessons to cigar fields and more. We also have a few really exciting partnerships I can’t wait to share with you guys throughout the duration of our trip. (or after if WiFi decides not to cooperate ha) 

If you’ve been to Cuba – let me know what I need to know! I already know to bring toilet paper and change my cash to euros..but gimme all the tips! 

When I get back from Cuba, I have about a day and a half to unpack, wash underwear and repack because then I head to Charleston for a fun trip wit Toyota – stay tuned on IG Stories! And thennnn, I head to Chicago for TBScon the first week of August. There is much much more to come on those trips but right now, I can only focus on the two biggies in front of me. 

Although I’ll be gone for pretty much the next few weeks, you can still expect regular posts here on Lauren Elyce. I have a super fun giveaway kicking off next week and it may or may not help with this big sale launching next week. In the meantime, I’ll be sharing highlights from all of my travels on Instagram + Stories so make sure you’re following along if you’re not already. And seriously y’all, if you have any tips, tricks, advice, etc. for any of the above places, shoot me an email or comment below or send me a DM. Your girl needs help.

Bon voyage! 



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