My 8 Week Sumeet Sahni Progress Check-In

My 8 Week Progress

I have been patiently waiting for the day when I could hit publish on this post. It’s been a long time coming. Eight weeks to be exact. So, I guess not that long. But let’s be real, I live for the dramatics.

A little background:

Right before I left for Italy, I decided I was officially done with being unhealthy. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been. The most out of shape I’ve ever been. The most sluggish and drained I’ve ever been. The list goes on. I just didn’t feel good. I made the decision to reach out to Sumeet Sahni, an online fitness & health coach. One of my friends worked with her a few times and I was floored by her results. I basically stalked Sumeet’s Instagram, gawking at client before & after photos and feeling more and more motivated to pull the trigger. Unlike other programs or trainers I’ve seen on the gram, Sumeet was working with a range of clients with different body shapes, goals, ethnicities, genes, etc. She was working with real women of all shapes and sizes and giving them healthy, toned and curvy bodies. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to feel stronger, build muscle, lose some body fat and keep my curves. Sumeet was the girl to turn to.

After sending her an overview of my goals and answering a quick questionnaire, I paid a flat fee for a customized eight-week plan. Completely tailored to my needs and objectives, this plan would be my new bible for the next eight weeks. She sorted out a meal plan with lots of options, dedicated workouts with tutorials and tons of tips on staying on track, making the most out of my diet and workouts and even suggested a few supplements and protein powders to incorporate into my plan.

I obviously can’t share the specifics of my plan because I paid for it and it was personalized for me, but I will tell you this. If you lack the motivation or knowledge on where to start to change your body inside and out, I highly recommend working with a trainer, coach or nutritionist. It’s a science at the end of the day and these professionals know what they’re talking about. I was always a believer that hours of cardio and low calories meant I was doing something. Spoiler: that’s not how it works. Sumeet listened to what I wanted to do, took into consideration where I was starting from and made this plan to help me reach my goals. I lifted heavy (well heavy for me). I didn’t count calories. I ate good carbs. I indulged in my favorite foods every now and then when I wanted them. And after all of that living, I still lost fat, gained lean muscle and changed my entire outlook on health.

On top of Sumeet’s plan, I also incorporated a few extra workouts each week at Flywheel or Barry’s Bootcamp and did a 2-day juice cleanse twice with Brandon (just to sort of clean out our systems after a rough weekend). I pretty much stuck to my “diet” with a little flexibility here and there (I’m a super picky eater) and stuck to the workouts Sumeet outlined for me 100%.

So, shall we dive into my 8 week progress with Sumeet Sahni???? Um, hell yeah!!!! 

There ya have it ladies. I can’t believe I’m posting this on the internet. I guarantee my mom is going to call me if she ever reads this post and is going to scream for having my butt out. But at the end of the day, it was important to me to share (vulnerably) where I started and where I’m at. My before…and my after. Well, my “currently”. The work is not done. But before I talk about what’s next, let’s talk about where I’m at now.

Updated August 2019: Since starting my journey with Sumeet, I made even more progress on my own and took my passion for fitness one step further – I received my certification in personal training in July 2019 and would love to work with you to create a custom coaching plan tailored to your needs!


  1. 8.2.18
    Anonymous said:

    Awesome progress! Can you share the details of the juicing you did?

  2. 8.2.18
    Von said:

    You look awesome!

  3. 8.2.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! These results are amazing! You look so much happier now, and I’m glad to hear that you feel so much healthier. I can’t wait to hear more about your Italy trip!


  4. 8.2.18
    Beth said:


  5. 8.2.18
    Kasey said:

    Awesome! Would you be able to go into more details about the juicing? Did you feel hungry at all? How long did you juice for? If you did get hungry – how did you resist those cravings?

  6. 8.2.18
    Pamela Shelton-Alleyne said:

    You did the work and the results are phenomenal! Enjoy your trip’

  7. 8.2.18

    Great job Lauren!

  8. 8.2.18
    Donna said:

    Lo, you look dam fabulous!! So proud of you!!!

  9. 8.2.18

    Soooo proud of you! #fitspiration

  10. 8.2.18
    Dee Farella said:

    Thank you for this post! I just put my down payment with Sumeet!

  11. 8.4.18
    Kesia said:

    Loved your post! This gave me the motivation I needed to get started. There are so many different programs online and your before and afters are everything! Thank you for sharing your journey!!

  12. 8.6.18
    Lesha Austin said:

    Congratulations you look great . Proud of you’re successful journey . I thought you were just as beautiful before . It all looks good on you.😊

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