My New Goal in Life: Be Extra

I have to be honest. I might already be a little extra. I’m overly dramatic and I know my friends/family/boyfriend would 100% agree. But when it comes to my style, I definitely prefer a more minimal approach. You know the drill Neutrals. Basics. Classics. Ecetera etcetera.

While I can’t foresee the minimal style thing changing too much in the near future, I’m thinking I can take a few risks with my #ootd. You know, “new year new me” and all.

So how do I start? Well obviously with a pair of sequin pants. Duh. In all seriousness, I saw these sequin pants and knew I had to have them. I had no plans for them and it was well past NYE when I placed the order. Safe to say they’d hang out in my closet until a cool photo shoot or costume party or, well, NYE 2020.

But then I got an idea. I’ve made this goal to be a little more creative with how I style neutrals and here I am with a pair of sequin pants. Problem solved. Business on the top and party on the bottom. When taking your minimal look to minimal and fun, finding that perfect balance is key. The pants are clearly a statement piece. If I was a super fun dresser, I’d go all out with a sequin crop top, leather jacket. The whole nine. Because I am pretty much the opposite, I opted for a chunky knit sweater. As basic and boring as it gets. But when paired with these badass sequin pants and a belt to add some shape, I think I’m winning in the extra department.

So I have a question for you guys. How do you describe your style? Are you all about fun, extra, statement dressing? Or do you air on the side of basic like me? Would you be down to play around with a mix of both to join me on my semi-extra phase? Comment below with a trend you’re dying to rock and maybe we can find some style tips together!



photos by Shelby Gordon