Styling Black for Spring

Who says you can’t wear black for spring? Well, sort of every fashion magazine I guess. When it comes to my favorite season, I feel like we’re all drawn to florals, pastels, stripes and, did I mention, florals. Now don’t get me wrong – I love all of those things and keep them all in pretty heavy rotation this time of year. But as my style continues to evolve an I’m drawn to more neutrals in my own personal style, I just don’t find those obvious choices as appealing as I used to.

You’ve probably noticed over the past few months that my style has definitely featured more and more beiges, greys, white and blacks with a random pop of color here or there (I love blush tones and light blues and greens). So when it comes to picking out cute spring looks, I really only have a few “colors” to pick from.

To be honest, I never really thought black – let along an all black look – could work for spring. But I think I have finally proven myself wrong with today’s #ootd. I think the key to creating a look that can pass for spring is by focusing on the details rather that the colors. For me, I usually think of lace, a floral texture, peplum, pleats and a lighter, chiffon-like fabric. I started digging through my closet and found a few neutral pieces that had some of these characteristics. In comes this black on black combo. Although it can appear a little harsh with the darker tones, I think the girlier design of the pieces make this the perfect spring look. Paired with tan accessories and a chic pair of sunnies, I decided to just rock with this whole Audrey Hepburn vibe for a new go-to date night look.  

How would you style black – or really any other neutral combo – for spring? Comment below!

Pick up any of these pieces to add a little black to your spring wardrobe:


  1. 3.28.17

    This look is so fun and chic! Loving the lace top!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 3.28.17

    Pleated skirts always make me look too wide but I love this peplum version! Super cute look!

    C’s Collection |

  3. 3.28.17
    Marjani said:

    I am totally on board with pleats and black for spring! Black will always be a great color year round. I love that lace top. Really pretty look.

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